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WPCHURCH – Church Management System for WordPress

WPCHURCH - Church Management System for Wordpress


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Update History

  • 23-11-2021
    – WordPress Version 5.8.2 Compatibility.- [Feature] Update access rights module. (set own, view, add edit, and delete access for all modules and users).- [Fixed] Responsive issue in all module.
  • 21-08-2021
    – WordPress Version 5.8 Compatibility.- PHP Version 8.0 Compatibility.- [Feature] User can add own phone code.- [Feature] Set Own Data In Payment Module.- [Feature] Member can view own payment list.- [Fixed] Delete transaction.- [Fixed] Admin/Accountant user is able to select the previous date when adding payment.- [Fixed] User/admin can select the date of birth upto 1921.- [Fixed] Member Join Church Date and Baptist Date Can select past date.- [Fixed] Members can view their own members’ data.- [Fixed] Mail templatecritical error.- [Fixed] User Pastoral Bug(Link and Description).- [Fixed] Access rights issue in user dashboard- [Fixed]the accountant added payment for the user but they cannot see it.- [Fixed] Responsive issue in all module.
  • 04-06-2021
    – [Fixed] added escaping function in all output.- [Fixed] updated name convention.
  • 08-04-2021
    – Bootstrap Version 5.0 Compatibility.- Fixed Minor bugs.- Fixed Responsive issue.
  • 15-03-2021
    – WordPress Version 5.7 Compatibility.- PHP Version 8.1 Compatibility.- Fixed Minor bugs.
  • 05-01-2021
    – WordPress 5.6 Compatibility.- [Feature] Compatibility our plugin With Slider Revolution.- [Feature] Alert Messages Update.- Fixed Minor bugs.
  • 31-08-2020
    – WordPress 5.5 Compatibility.- PHP Version 7.4.9 Compatibility.- Fixed Minor bugs.
  • 25-08-2020
    – WordPress 5.5 Compatibility.- [Feature] Dashboard Design update.- [Feature] Invoice Design update.- [Feature] Added Income Report and Expense Report.- [Feature] Browser compatibility.- [Fixed] GUI Issue in all module.- Fixed Minor bugs.- Fixed Responsive issue.- Fixed Fields validation issue.- Fixed Laungage Translation issue.
  • 11-07-2020
    – WordPress 5.4.2 Compatibility.- [Fixed] GUI Issue in all module.- Fixed responsive issue.- Fixed Field validation issue.- Fixed Language Translate issue.
  • 24-05-2020
    – WordPress 5.4.1 Compatibility.- [Fixed] GUI Issue in all module.
  • 22-01-2020
    – WordPress 5.3.2 Compatibility.- [Feature] Added Paytm And Paystack Payment Getaways With Our Paymaster Plugin.- Fixed Payment Issue.
  • 13-07-2019
    – WordPress 5.2.2 Compatibility.- [Fixed] Vulnerabilities security issue.- Fixed GUI issue in all module.
  • 30-05-2019
    ->Wordpress 5.2.1 Compatibility.- [Feature] Added Field Validation in all modules.- [Feature] Added multiple language support with the translated word file.- [Feature] Added Date and Time validation in all module.- [Feature] Added Alert Message Language Translate.- [Feature] Added all Date Formate.- FixGUI issue in all module.- Fix mobile responsive issue.
  • 04-04-2018
    – Fixed add or remove category issue.- Fixed payment issue
  • 03-04-2018
    – Add Paymaster plugin support.
  • 09-03-2018
    -Fixed logout dropdown issue on user dashboard.-Fixed multiselect dropdown issue.
  • 02-02-2018
    – Fixed mobile responsive issue.- Fixed Image Upload Issue.- Fixed File Not Found Issue.
  • 01-12-2017
    – WordPress 4.9 Compatibility.- cmgt_check_ourserver bug resolved.- Language .po file added.
  • 27-11-2017
    – WordPress 4.9 Compatibility.- [Feature] Email notifications.- [Feature] Added Document Module.- [Feature] Added Family Member Module.- [Feature] Added export&import member data.- [Feature] Added popup for add ministary and add group and add member in add transaction and add income module and member module.- [Feature] Added popup for add vanue and add group in add activity module.- [Feature] Added popup for add vanue in add reseravation module.- [Feature] Added popup for add member in Pledges module.- [Feature] Added bootsrap datepicker.- [Feature] Added bootsrap timepicker.- [Feature] Added file upload validations.- Fixed payment report issue.
  • 03-03-2017
    – [Feature] Compatibility with avada theme.- Plugin licence key registration.
  • 10-02-2017
    – WordPress 4.7.2 Compatibility.
  • 27-01-2017
    -[Feature] Notice Module.-[Feature] Admin can send mail or message of birthday wishes to members.
  • 22-06-2016
    – [Feature] Access Right Page.- [Feature] Pastoral Module- Fully Responsive.
  • 13-01-2016
    – Upload member through CSV
  • 05-01-2016
    – Language Options Added
  • 02-01-2016
    – Initial Plugin release

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