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WP Timeline – Vertical and Horizontal timeline plugin

WP Timeline – Vertical and Horizontal timeline plugin

Latest Version 3.6 New update! – 15 April 2022 view changelog | Video tutorial
Compatible with WordPress 4.9 / 5.9+
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The Best WordPress Timeline plugin

If you want to create stories , timeline, history, roadmap … WP Timeline is a must-have plugin. Designed to create timeline easy and hassle-free, WP Timeline is the simplest way for your business to display timeline/stories/history…With the WP Timeline plugin, you can manage everything from create to showing timeline, you can create timeline with BC/AD date or any date and display any post types, tags, category, taxonomy and display timeline anywhere via shortcodes.

Features list

  • Work with any themes
  • Create timeline with any date (BC/AD date support)
  • Date picker from year 1000
  • Order timeline by timeline date or custom order field
  • 45+ Best Beautiful Layouts
  • 40+ Animations support
  • Support Font Awesome 4.7 & 5.9
  • Dark and Light support
  • Show full content in lightbox support
  • Date picker + Custom date field to enter anything
  • Fully responsive and mobile ready.
  • Create Unlimited Timeline
  • Show Timeline anywhere using shortcode.
  • Unlimited Timeline Color. You can set custom color for all or each category or each timeline
  • Custom font, color for heading, content and metadata
  • Support category, tag, custom post type, custom taxonomy
  • Vertical and horizontal support
  • Timeline side by side support
  • Ajax filter timeline
  • Timeline with single column support
  • Beautiful Single timeline
  • Ajax load more post
  • Infinite scroll support
  • Page navigation by page links
  • History bar support
  • Timeline with icon awesome or image support
  • Show media: video, audio, gallery on timeline
  • Quick Edit and option to order timeline by custom field support
  • Unlimited customize with font, color
  • Custom feature label
  • External/ Custom link instead of single page
  • A lot of shortcode parameter
  • WPBakery support
  • Elementor support
  • SiteOrigin support
  • Shortcode builder easy to generate shortcode instead using default shortcode
  • RTL support
  • Image light box support
  • Supper easy configuration
  • And much more … Let check our demo page

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We’re constantly updating WP Timeline with new features and improvements to ensure that our plugin is at the top of its game so that you can be at the top of yours. If you have any feedback or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.


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Release log

—————————————————————————————Version 3.6 – 15/04/2022—————————————————————————————- Add option to load css files on special pages only – Show image gallery on lightbox – Fixed filter on scroll and auto scroll top when click to filter item – Add option to change “All” text – Fix translation file does not work – Fix loading bug on horizontal style – Fix some other minor bugs—————————————————————————————Version 3.5.8 – 24/01/2022—————————————————————————————- Fix conflict with cache plugin – Fix auto speed bug when show all items—————————————————————————————Version 3.5.7 – 17/01/2022—————————————————————————————- Show image gallery on single timeline – Fix gallery bug – Fix image lightbox bug – Fix auto speed bug when show all items – Fix some other minor bugs—————————————————————————————Version 3.5.6 – 07/06/2021—————————————————————————————- Escape output data – Move js inline css and js to file – Improve code—————————————————————————————Version 3.5.5 – 04/05/2021—————————————————————————————- Add support latest version of Font awesome 5 – Add option to disable special social icon – Add option to change admin date picker format – Fix some other minor bugs—————————————————————————————Version 3.5.3 – 17/12/2020—————————————————————————————- Add active filter parameter – Fix picker icon – Fix save option – Fix load css in shortcode – improve lightbox—————————————————————————————Version 3.5.2 – 18/08/2020—————————————————————————————- Compatible with WP 5.5 – Add set custom color per each category—————————————————————————————Version 3.5.1 – 30/07/2020—————————————————————————————- Add custom color for each category—————————————————————————————Version 3.5 – 21/04/2020—————————————————————————————- Add new 3 styles—————————————————————————————Version 3.4.1 – 10/02/2020—————————————————————————————- Fix lightbox bug with Gutenberg – Fix ajax get icon image bug – Add date format setting instead of using WP Setting – Fix notice—————————————————————————————Version 3.4 – 21/08/2019—————————————————————————————- New backend interface – New setting page interface – New shortcode builder page interface – New option to change color, font size of heading, content and meta – New support child category in filter and select box filter on mobile – New font awesome 5.9 picker – New image gallery for timeline listing style – Add new style 7 for horizontal multi items- Improve all—————————————————————————————Version 3.3.3 – 02/04/2019—————————————————————————————- Add new style 6 for horizontal multi items—————————————————————————————Version 3.3.2 – 22/03/2019—————————————————————————————- Add full content in lightbox – Improve horizontal v2—————————————————————————————Version 3.3.2 – 24/01/2019—————————————————————————————- Add full content in lightbox – Improve horizontal v2—————————————————————————————Version 3.3.1 – 24/01/2019—————————————————————————————- WP 5 Compatible- Fix conflict select 2 js – Fix shortcode builder show wrong option—————————————————————————————Version 3.3 – 26/09/2018—————————————————————————————- Support Font Awesome 5.x ( select Font Awesome version in plugin settings page)—————————————————————————————Version 3.2.2 – 15/09/2018—————————————————————————————- Fix shortcode page builder wrong – Add loop infinite for horizontal layout- Some css bug fix—————————————————————————————Version 3.2.1 – 01/08/2018—————————————————————————————- Fix notice—————————————————————————————Version 3.2 – 27/07/2018—————————————————————————————- Add shortcode builder – Add support Elementer page builder – Add support SiteOrigin page builder – Minor css bug fix—————————————————————————————Version 3.1 – 23/05/2018—————————————————————————————- Add more 6 styles – Add alignment side by side (9 styles) – Add Ico style – Add Page links—————————————————————————————Version 3.0.2 – 25/01/2018—————————————————————————————- Fix css bug – Fix order by timeline date wrong – Add filter wptimeline_query – Fix bug show view details link when set full content—————————————————————————————Version 3.0 – 28/11/2017—————————————————————————————- Add more 8 styles- Add infinite scroll feature- Improve performance—————————————————————————————Version 2.4 – 23/09/2017—————————————————————————————- Add date picker from year 1000- Add order option by timeline- Add number item visible in slider option—————————————————————————————Version 2.3 – 30/06/2017—————————————————————————————- Add Image light box—————————————————————————————Version 2.0 – 22/03/2017—————————————————————————————- Add 3 styles for horizontal layout – Add sidebar – Minor bug fix—————————————————————————————Version 1.7 – 12/01/2017—————————————————————————————Add next previous timeline,Add option only load js & css in shortcodeAdd rtl mode Fix conflict with X theme—————————————————————————————Version 1.6 – 19/10/2016—————————————————————————————- Show all items option- Show timeline bar at bottom option—————————————————————————————Version 1.5 – 19/10/2016—————————————————————————————- Update add dark style—————————————————————————————Version 1.1 – 11/09/2016—————————————————————————————- Support timline custom icon image – Add filter by category—————————————————————————————Version 1.0.1 -04/09/2016—————————————————————————————- Update option to show full content – Update document – Bug css conflict fix—————————————————————————————Version 1.0.0 -01/09/2016—————————————————————————————- WP Timeline First release

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