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WP Domain Checker

WP Domain Checker

WP DOMAIN CHECKER v5.1.2 – Last Update: 20 March 2021

WP Domain Checker is a WordPress plugin which allow you easily to check domain name availability from your wordpress site.You can check or search for any generic top-level domains (gTLD) or country-code top-level domains (ccTLD).WP Domain Checker is made with AJAX and easily to use with Shortcode or Widget also integrated with WHMCS & WooCommerce.


  • Check domain name availability for any gTLD and ccTLD
  • Whois domain name
  • Made with AJAX
  • Easily use multiple checker with Shortcode
  • Easily use with Widget
  • Easily check from dashboard admin
  • Easily customize from admin panel
  • No need domain reseller API
  • Custom Link for Affiliates
  • Integrated with WHMCS
  • Integrated with WooCommerce
  • Support IDN Domain Check
  • Protected with New Google reCAPTCHA
  • Support more than 1300+ TLDs
  • Allow Only Specific TLD Extensions to Check
  • Custom Pricing for WooCommerce
  • Custom CSS
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Multiple TLDs Check
  • Domain Caches
  • Custom Whois Server
  • Support WHMCS Bridge & WHMPRESS
  • Transfer Button
  • Whois Domain Lookup Only
  • Whois IP Address Lookup

Change Log

v.5.1.2 – March 20, 2021Improvement – added additional whois server ( for Whois IP Lookup. Now it will show result from APNIC and ARIN. Thanks to F8N1 for the feedback.v.5.1.1 – 10 Feb 2021New – Added IP Address Whois LookupFix – Font Awesome conflictFix – Minor code/bug fixes.v.5.1.0 – 30 November 2020New – Added Whois Domain Lookup Only. (Howto: use option whoislookuponly=”yes” in the shortcode)Improvement – There are two options to display multiple TLD check, Full or Partial.Improvement – Add support to IDN TLD (e.g: .рф, etc). Only few IDN TLD supported currently. We will update more later.Fix – White space in domain name.Fix – Minor code/bug fixes.v.5.0.4 – 27 July 2020Fix – Changes on color style not take any effect in the frontend.Fix – Custom Placeholder not working from shortcode.Fix – Minor code fixes.v.5.0.3 – 30 June 2020Fix – All strings should be translatable.Fix – Dashed domain can’t be added to cart (WHMCS).Fix – Minor code fixes.Improvement – Google Fonts now hosted locally.v.5.0.2 – 17 June 2020Fix – Fix an issue due deprecated function in PHP Version > 7.2Fix – Minor CSS fix.Fix – Invisible recaptcha not working properly.v.5.0 – 15 June 2020New – Added new domain search form design, minimalist and clean. Check the documentation for more details.New – Added Domain Cache, you can cache the domain result for X seconds. This is useful to avoid exceeding daily domain query limit from whois server.Improvement – Added option to customize “Require Domain Text” and “Require Recaptcha Text” Improvement – Added option to enable/disable multiple TLD search at once.Improvement – Few options in plugin settings now available in the Shortcode, check the documentation for more details.Fix – Minor code fixes.v.4.4.1 – 12 February 2020Fix – Unsupported TLD message does not appear.Fix – Minor code fixes.v.4.4.0 – 3 February 2020Improvement – Added a option to limit domain character length for each TLD.Improvement – Added a option to use custom Whois Server (http based or whois based on port 43)Improvement – Domain results sorting order now based on mutiple TLDs defined in the settings not randomly anymore.Fix – Fixed XSS Vulnerability.Fix – Minor code fixesv.4.3.11 – 22 March 2019Fix – Minor code fixesFix – Domain always taken on several websiteFix – Domain not showing in CartImprovement – Add WDC option in Product TypeImprovement – Add “allowed_tld” Shortcode parameterv4.3.9 – 5 March 2019Fix – Minor code fixesFix – Deprecated Function in PHP 7.xFix – Error with Woocommerce Force Sells PluginImprovement – Support HTTP Whoisv4.3.6 – 12 July 2018Fix – Fixs all TLDs taken in v4.3.5v4.3.5 – 12 July 2018Fix – Minor CSS code fixesFix – Several TLDs fixesv4.3.2 – 12 May 2018Fix – Minor code fixesFix – UI not responsive on mobile devicev4.3.1 – 3 May 2018Fix – Can’t add to cart on Woocommerce IntegrationFix – Wrong custom pricing when TLD in UppercaseImprovement – Improve UI on Widget v4.3.0 – 1 May 2018New feature – Invisible Google Recaptcha (You may need create new Site Key & Secret Key)Fix – Compability issues with Woocommerce SubscriptionsImprovement – Minor code fixesImprovement – Added new template tag and available to use in custom url. ({domain} – {sld} – {tld})Improvement – Ability to Custom whois button url & whois button textImprovement – Ability to put link in all results boxImprovement – UX & UI improvements.v4.2.0 – July 2017Improve compatibility with Woocommerce 3.0.xAdd Whois Importer, Fix any broken TLDs remotely from settings.Add Ajax Add to Cart (WooCommerce Only)Improve Admin UIAdd WP Nonce to Whois Page to prevent spam.Implement multiple ajax request on domain checker.v4.0.2 – 30 June 2017Improve compatibility with Woocommerce 3.0.xv4.0.1 – 13 April 2017Fix custom price issue with Woocommerce 3.0.xFixs -1 Error while any cache plugin InstalledFixs several TLDs issuesAdd some new TLDsv4.0.0 – Jun 07, 2016Fixs Recaptcha conflict with Contact Form 7New Design & Speed ImprovementUpdate Titan Framework1000+ TLDsv.3.4.3 – Mar 14, 2016Fixs Invalid HeaderUpdate Titan Framework to latest versionv.3.4.2 – Feb 21, 2016Fixs Custom Links Integration BugsUpdate API to new URL. (Important for user who get blocked on port 43 by their hosting)Add some new TLDs.v.3.4.0 – 15 Sep, 2015Fix SSL IssuesUpdate Titan Framework to latest versionFix Can’t type Vowel Charactersv.3.3 – 24 Jul 2015Fixs WHMCS add to cart issue.Add some new TLDs (accountants, apartments, bingo, cafe, care, cash, casino, chat, church, city, claims, clinic, coach, credit, creditcard, deals, dental, digital, discount, exchange, fail, finance, financial, fitness, football)v.3.2 – 10 Jun, 2015Bug Fixs – Backspace issue in Firefox BrowserAdd some new TLDs (.legal, .business, .ltda, .fashion, .flowers, .garden, .green, .wedding, .design, .auction, .band, .dentist, .forsale, .mortgage, .rip, .space, .cricket, .delivery, .energy, .lgbt, .party”, .science, .vote, .yoga, .cymru, .wales, .market)v.3.1 – 22 May, 2015Bug Fixes – Multiple Check Function Conflictv.3.0 – 19 May, 2015Add Multiple TLDs CheckAdd Styles Option (Unlimited Color)Add Custom CSSHide Add to Cart Button on Single Page WooCommerceHide Add to Cart Button on Product Loop WooCommercev2.7 – Apr 4, 2015Fix bug zero price of Custom Pricing for WooCommercev2.6 – Mar 14, 2015Custom Pricing for WooCommercev2.5.1 – Mar 10, 2015Fixs css style (text responsive)v2.5 – Feb 28, 2015Fix minor bugsRedesign into Flat Bootstrapv2.4 – Feb 25, 2015Added some new TLDv2.3 – Feb 5, 2015Fixed force individual cart multiple items WooCommercev2.2 – Feb 1, 2015Added multiple checkers for multiple product WooCommercev2.1 – Jan 24, 2015Fixed force individual cart items WooCommercev2.0 – Jan 22, 2015Added template tag {domain} to custom linkAdded feature to allow specific TLD extensions to checkFixed Minor Bugsv1.3 – Jan 10, 2015Added new TLDs suggested by userAdded new Google reCAPTCHAIntegrated with WooCommercev1.2 – Jan 7, 2015Added IDN domain check supportAdded more whois serverv1.1 – Jan 7, 2015Fix Widget Dashboard DisplayMove JS to footerv1.0 – Jan 6, 2015First Release

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