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WordPress Print Posts & Pages (PDF)

WordPress Print Posts & Pages (PDF)

Create a PDF / Print your Posts & Pages

Offer your readers the opportunity to print or create a PDF file of your posts or pages. Display the export functionalities directly on your pages, style it as you want and give your website a unique feature!

Print Posts / Pages Features

  • 2 possible Layouts
  • Over 50 Settings possibilites
  • Export as PDF
  • Export as Word
  • Print
  • Works with Posts, Pages and custom Post types
  • Add a QR-Code
  • Add extra texts after the Header or before the footer
  • Add some special advanced settings
  • Exclude posts or even categories
  • Shortcode Support [print_posts]
  • Widget Support
  • Choose a position of the Links
  • Create a custom header (1/2 or 1/2 + 1/2 or 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3)
  • Create a custom footer (1/2 or 1/2 + 1/2 or 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3)
  • Add background color
  • Choose Custom Fonts
  • Choose text size
  • Choose line height
  • Choose text alignment
  • Choose image size
  • Choose vertical aligment
  • Show or Hide Elements (Image, Title, Excerpt, Description, Categories, Tags, QR-Code)
  • Page numbers
  • Well Documentented


  • WordPress 3.8.1+
  • PHP 5.6+


======1.5.7======- FIX: Important: Shortcodes not executed======1.5.6======- NEW: Option to disable “Render Shortcodes” (Enfold support) NEW: Upgraded font awesome icon library to latest version- FIX Content empty when strip images used- FIX: Removed admin bar menu item======1.5.5======- NEW: Added support for ACF repeater fields======1.5.4======- NEW: Dropped Redux Framework support and added our own framework Read more here: This ensure auto updates & removes all gutenberg stuff You can delete Redux (if not used somewhere else) afterwards FIX: wepb image support (will replace webp with jpg)======1.5.2======- FIX: Reordering was not possible for new enabled fields- FIX: Added explaining texts to options ======1.5.1======- FIX: Queried object not found- FIX: Avada portfolio issue- FIX: Removed more inline styles- FIX: Changed wp residence icon links======1.5.0======- NEW: Reorder custom post meta fields Upgrade guide: 1. Existing configuration will not be removed (we have a fallback implemented) 2. Enable a custom meta field 3. Reload the page 4. Drag and Drop it from disabled into enabled Example: NEW: Custom meta / ACF fields now in an own section- NEW: Better performance for custom fields======1.4.4======- FIX: Empty meta key container appeared======1.4.3======- NEW: Added format & orientation options to layout section Demo: NEW: Moved the menu to general bar because our plugin can be used for all post types- NEW: meta values wrapped in p tag now======1.4.2======- NEW: Added ACF Field support for custom meta fields Example: NEW: Classes added to header, footer and 2nd layout image container- FIX: Removed inline styles from header & footer- FIX: Removed image inline styles======1.4.1======- FIX: qrcode class missing======1.4.0======- NEW: Updated the MPDF Rendering engine from Version 7 to Version 8- NEw: PHP 7.4 Support- FIX: WPEngine could not create fonts cache folder files======1.3.1======- NEW: Support for Avada portfolio gallery images- NEW: Moved menu item to main sidebar======1.3.0======- NEW: Added a complete new template for REAL Homes properties Theme- FIX: Updated POT, MO & PO Files======1.2.1======- FIX: Header / Footer not working======1.2.0======- NEW: Added support / created a new template for wp residence theme so you can export properties- NEW: Created a new 4th template with title aboce the image======1.1.10======- NEW: Fiter for wordpress_print_posts_header_footer_html See example here: NEW: Added caching for wp-admin meta keys to increase backend performance======1.1.9======- FIX: Mobile browser support for print functionality- FIX: Widget URL was wrong (404 issue)======1.1.8======- NEW: Added 3 options to set a custom icon / text / html for the PDF, word or print icons- NEW: Added hooks: wordpress_print_posts_before_blocks_html wordpress_print_posts_html- FIX: Issue with numeric custom meta fields- FIX: Removed icon size option (should be done in HTML)======1.1.7======- NEW: Added a “do shortcode” to header / footer custom text- NEW: Added 2 new filter hooks for custom meta keys: wordpress_print_posts_meta_output wordpress_print_posts_meta_keys- FIX: Added an empty check for custom meta value for 2nd layout======1.1.6======- NEW: Added an option to stop removing shortcodes in debug settings======1.1.5======- NEW: Download PDF instead of Inline View Option Settings > General – NEW: Filter: wordpress_print_posts_html======1.1.4======- FIX: Text got cut off in print mode======1.1.3======- NEW: Added an option to show print icons only on specific post types======1.1.2======- NEW: Added a space before meta key- NEW: Moved from CDN to locale for font awesome- FIX: Locale missing for categories translation======1.1.1======- FIX: Google Fonts missing======1.1.0======- NEW: Added Visual Composer Grid support for description See Settings > Data > Description > Visual Composer Support- FIX: PHP Notices- FIX: Removed TGM======1.0.5======!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MPDF 7 requires at least PHP 5.6 !!!!!!!! Do NOT update if you are on a lower Version !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- NEW: PHP 7.2. Support- NEW: Moved MPDF to vendor folder for composer support- NEW: Option to enable MPDF Debugging (images, fonts)- FIX: Upgraded MPDF Rendering Engine to Version 7.0.3======1.0.4======- NEW: Shortcode rewritten for better flexibility: [print_posts post=”YOUR_POST_ID” pdf=”yes” word=”no” print=”yes”] Default Values: – post = current post if no post id was set – pdf = yes – word = yes – print = yes======1.0.3======- NEW: You can use the shortcode even when PDF, print or word is disabled======1.0.2======- FIX: Issue with strange meta keys======1.0.1======- FIX: Added a br tag after custom Meta keys- FIX: Removed meta key query for only post types======1.0.0======- Inital release# Future features=====- None

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