WooCommerce Step Filter – Product Filter for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Step Filter - Product Filter for WooCommerce


That isn’t a simple and usual product filter that you can see on many sites. It provides much more possibilities for use.

You can create a quiz to filter products and show only appropriate results to your customers.

This is possible to show filtering results right within the filter or lead the customer to a shopping page.

Filter can be placed on any page. Just place the shortcode wherever you want.

And of course, it can be used as a usual product filter in a shopping page sidebar.


Different workflow modes

Choose the most appropriate workflow mode, such as free-walk steps, strict steps, single step, or sequence.

Unlimited number of filter questions

With a lot of settings for each specific question. Use individual question or bunches of questions per a step

Any filtering source

Apply filtering by any product entity, such as price, attribute category, tag, meta value, or manually selected products.

A lot of input types and views

The next question types are allowed: select, radio, checkbox, button, image, number, range, multi-choice, or custom formula.

Call the filter using the shortcode

Use the filter shortcode to place it wherever you need it. Not only the sidebar using.

Show products results within the filter

It’s possible to not redirect the customer to a shop page to show the filtering results.

Collect requests statistic

Get anonymous statistics of filtering results to analyze your customers’ requirements.

Generate results PDF with filtered products

Allow your customers to get a PDF file with the filtering results.

Add questions condition logic

Show/hide a question according to other questions’ values.

Create whatever number of filters

The number of filters you can create is unlimited!




Try the lite version of the plugin with only basic possibilities to understand the workflow better.

Also, you can email [email protected] for access to an admin panel and experience how the full WooCommerce Step Filter version fits into your eCommerce store!


  • Full async work. No excess page refreshes workflow;
  • Responsive design. Fits any device size;
  • Good organized and customizable code. Easy expand the filter functionality with your custom code;
  • High-performance re-styling approach. Adjust the filter styles from the admin part;
  • Accessibility friendly. Works not only with clicks and taps but with keyboard and any screen readers also;
  • Adopts Bootstrap-based themes. Filter will have your active theme style;
  • Easy views and templates customization. Change the filter parts with no headache;
  • Works without Javascript even. Filter works with pure HTML requests the same;
  • Auto-updates. Get the latest plugin version using the native WordPress functionality.


The plugin gets updates and improvements regularly

= 8.1.1 =Tweak: Small code improvements= 8.1.0 =New: Templates customization admin toolNew: Admin custom styles settingsNew: Send current state hash via AJAX settingNew: Thumbnail width settingNew: Show description settingNew: Product tag extra settingsNew: Results PDF additional CSS settingNew: Extra features and possibilitiesTweak: Migrate to Bootstrap v5Tweak: Small code improvementsFix: PDF bugs with PHP v8= 8.0.0 =Removed: Manual values filter by category/tag/attributeNew: Manual value filter by termsNew: Line horizontal nav viewTweak: Line nav refactoringFix: Manual values question values bugFix: Action on click setting bugs= 7.11.1 =Fix: Manual values question bug with attributes selection= 7.11.0 =New: Show header/footer settingsTweak: Results step controls improvementsFix: Selected values active state bug= 7.10.0 =New: “Output calculated formula value” optionNew: “Attribute value source” settingNew: “Category parent by a question answer” settingTweak: Dynamic value for the “Show count” optionTweak: Better work with the native WooCommerce widget filtersTweak: Admin UI improvements= 7.9.0 =New: Filtering by a formulaNew: Results PDFNew: Controls class settingsTweak: Small improvements= 7.8.1 =Tweak: Code improvementsFix: Meta filtering bugFix: Category parent setting bug= 7.8.0 =New: Radio/checkbox button viewNew: “Ignore filtering” question settingNew: Results tab thumbnail settingNew: More numeric view type settingsFix: Preliminary results bugFix: Statistic results IDs bugTweak: Code improvements= 7.7.1 =Tweak: Code improvements= 7.7.0 =New: Extra query arguments settingFix: Value removing bugTweak: Code improvements= 7.6.1 =Fix: Small code bugs= 7.6.0 =New: More navigation viewsNew: More “Doesn’t matter” value settingsNew: “Enable value list” settingTweak: Code improvements= 7.5.0 =New: Empty results URL settingNew: Precise number question typeFix: Question dependencies by empty attribute values admin bugFix: “Maximum products number in results setting” work bug= 7.4.0 =New: Min/max values selected settingTweak: Navigation behavior refactoringTweak: Save result products in the statisticTweak: noUiSlider update= 7.3.0 =New: Radio/checkbox chips viewFix: Admin part bugs= 7.2.0 =New: Manual filters source by tag or attributeNew: Question label settingNew: “Store session in the DB” global settingNew: Support multi-choice questions in dependenciesFix: Dependencies work bugFix: Bonded questions work bug= 7.1.0 =New: Possibility to use questions categories as stepsFix: Better accessibilityTweak: Different view of manual question productsTweak: Code refactoringRemoved: “jquery.serializejson” script= 7.0.0 =Removed: “Include full styles file” global settingNew: “Styles including type” global settingNew: “Enable shop value list” settingNew: “Add empty value” drop-down questions settingNew: “Enable slider” numeric question settingFix: Accessibility bugs= 6.7.0 =New: “Instant redirect to the only result page” settingTweak: Out of stock product and variations handling= 6.6.0 =New: “Submit and go to results” action on clickNew: Hidden nav viewFix: Reset button in the widget mode bug= 6.5.0 =New: “Additional GET parameter” question settingFix: Widget mode results redirect bug= 6.4.0 =New: “Start from categories level” question settingNew: “Max sub-categories level” question settingNew: “Hide empty terms” question settingNew: “Unmet values behavior” question settingTweak: Documentation updateFix: Search redirect bugsFix: Numeric between filtering bugRemoved: “Disable unmet values” question settingRemoved: “Include sub-categories” question setting= 6.3.1 =Tweak: Migrate to Bootstrap v4= 6.3.0 =New: Multi-choice values settingsNew: Numeric questions step setting= 6.2.1 =Tweak: Code refactoringFix: Results button with the single-step mode bug= 6.2.0 =New: Shop controls visibility optionsNew: Shop repeat buttonTweak: “Disable unmet values” for numeric questions= 6.1.0 =New: Show “Next” button settingNew: “Show count” for terms optionTweak: Code improvement= 6.0.0 =New: Included/excluded terms settingNew: “Disable unmet values” for each questionFix: Question dependencies from a manual value bugFix: Navigation with dependant questions bugTweak: Support of categories tree for radio and checkbox viewsRemoved: “Disable unmet values” for filters= 5.1.0 =New: Bind with questions settingNew: “Sequence” form viewNew: More controls settingsTweak: “Doesn’t matter” value in question dependenciesFix: Products withing a filter pagination bug= 5.0.0 =New: Collecting of the inquiries statisticNew: Back buttonTweak: “Disable unmet values” setting work improvementTweak: Code refactoring= 4.1.0 =New: Custom meta filteringNew: Scripts including settingTweak: Documentation updateFix: Multiple numeric fields bug= 4.0.0 =New: Support of using as a simple widget filterNew: View types: multi-choice checkbox and multi-choice rangeTweak: “Action on click” option for “select” viewTweak: noUiSlider update= 3.0.0 =New: Question values relation settingNew: Preliminary results count optionNew: Disabling of empty results values optionNew: Action on click optionFix: Category thumbnail in values bugFix: Steps and manual values visibility dependencies bugRemoved: Submit on click option= 2.1.0 =New: Category filter type parent settingNew: Submit on click optionTweak: Question admin part improvementFix: Single step mode bugs= 2.0.0 =Removed: “No preselected values” optionNew: Manual selection of pre-selected valuesNew: Category filter typeTweak: Better work of dependencies and navigation= 1.13.1 =Fix: WooCommerce v3.6.1 bugs= 1.13.0 =New: Tags supportFix: “Show results” button with within results bug= 1.12.0 =New: Question visibility dependencies optionNew: “Show products within” optionTweak: Manual values dependencies improvementFix: Rare filtering bug= 1.11.0 =New: “No pre-selected values” optionTweak: WOOF plugin supportTweak: Code refactoring= 1.10.4 =Tweak: RTL supportFix: Code warnings= 1.10.3 =Tweak: Code refactoringFix: Admin bugs= 1.10.2 =Tweak: Admin part refactoring= 1.10.1 =Fix: Form ajax bug= 1.10.0 =New: Condition logic for manual valuesTweak: Core refactoring= 1.9.0 =New: Imaged fields alignmentTweak: Better Bootstrap 4 support= 1.8.0 =New: Numeric fields sliderTweak: Better fields view= 1.7.0 =New: Nav view settingNew: A few nav viewsNew: Single step mode= 1.6.0 =New: “Skip” buttonNew: Tabs action setting= 1.5.0 =New: Value imagesNew: Step-by-step modeFix: Rare filtering bugFix: “Doesn’t matter” value bug= 1.4.0 =New: “Maximum products number in results” settingTweak: Code refactoring= 1.3.0 =New: “Scroll to top” optionFix: Rare redirect bugs fix= 1.2.0 =New: Results url setting= 1.1.0 =New: Shop page filter controlsFix: Work bugs with a plain permalink structure= 1.0.1 =Fix: The first step notices= 1.0.0 =Initial release

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