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WooCommerce – Pipedrive CRM – Integration

WooCommerce - Pipedrive CRM - Integration

WooCommerce Pipedrive CRM Integration is a Pipedrive CRM integration plugin for WordPress that makes it really simple to send your WooCommerce orders directly to your Pipedrive CRM account. After the integration, created the orders are automatically added as deal to the specified account in Pipedrive CRM, together with additional data.



  • Integrate your `WooCommerce` orders with Pipedrive CRM.
  • When creating a deal, a person and an organization are created (or used existing if there is) and connected to it.
  • Fields are loaded from the CRM (including custom fields).
  • Sending in two modes: immediately upon checkout / status change, or with a slight delay via `WP Cron`.
  • Sending data about the products in order to the deal (in note).
  • Supports `Products` in Pipedrive (if work with `Products` is enabled in your account, the plugin will automatically create products in the list and attach them to the deal).
  • Supports for sending order status changes.
  • Supports for `utm` params in `URL` to use.
  • Supports for sending `GA Client ID`.
  • Supports for sending order coupon list.
  • Supports for sending vendor name `Dokan`.
  • Supports for sending voucher code `WooCommerce – PDF Vouchers`.
  • Multiple pipeline support.
  • Bulk order sending capability.


  • The plugin requires a minimum 3.5.* `WooCommerce` version.


For information about the new version and the installation of updates, you can use the plugin from Envato – Envato Market WordPress Plugin.



– Feature: try to find product by `sku` (field `code`) before by `name` (#160).- Feature: ability to set/change crm `product id` for product/variation (#159).


– Feature: new filter `itglx/wc/pipedrive/deal-note-content` (#157).


– Fixed: do not send field `value` when updating `deal` data (#143).


– Fixed: added polyfill `mbstring` when there is no `php` extension (#124).


– Feature: filling `won_time` by the date of order completion (#107).- Feature: filling `add_time` by the date of order creation instead of `now` (#106).- Feature: cancel the recurring task if there are no orders (#75).- Fixed: sending data to a field of type `double` (#109).


– Fixed: do not register a new job to send, only if there is a pending job.


– Feature: a permanent link between the `product` on the site and in the `crm`.- Feature: search for a person by phone & email instead of a name & email.- Feature: support for processing utm tags when using caching plugins.- Fixed: `utm` data loss during delayed sending.- Fixed: limit on the number of fields has been increased to the maximum possible 500.


– Feature: add new tag [order_admin_edit_link].- Feature: add new tag [order_id].- Feature: add new tag [order_status_id].- Feature: add new tag [order_status_title].- Feature: add new tag [shipping_price_total].


– Feature: ability to delete all order links with crm deal.- Feature: add new filter `itglx_wc_pipedrive_send_tax_info`.- Feature: additional bulk send option (all or not yet sent).- Feature: use `action scheduler` to execute the order sending event instead `wp cron`.


– Chore: `currency` field.- Feature: optional sending changes by fields when sending status changes (or order changed) for a deal (after the first data sending).


– Chore: show deal id in order list.- Feature: redesigned process of sending data through mass actions with orders, to achieve greater stability.


– Chore: added new filter `itglx_wc_pipedrive_do_not_send_order`.- Chore: default log file path, moved to `WordPress` uploads directory.- Fixed: ignore meta data if it is object or array.- Feature: send by wp cron (with a delay) or immediately.- Feature: added a check for the existence of the deal before the update, if it does not exist, a new one is created.


– Chore: use `webpack` to build assets.- Feature: added new tag for item name template – [item_product_variation_attributes_info].- Feature: template for the name of the product item line.- Feature: the ability to disable the addition of sku to the product name when sending to crm.


– Chore: compatibility check with WC 4.4- Feature: show item meta data in note.- Fixed: compatibility with `Flexible Checkout Fields`.- Feature: support pipedrive products.


– Chore: added filter `itglx_wc_pipedrive_deal_stages_resolve_list`.- Chore: ignore deal service fields.- Chore: added notice if `status mapping` not configured.- Feature: using the new search API.- Feature: reset fields cache by button without cron.- Feature: added the ability to log requests to CRM (disabled by default).


– Chore: the list of users id is displayed next to the field of the user type.- Fixed: possible search error of the existing organization in part of the name.- Feature: update for an existing person and organization.


– Fixed: the menu item is not displayed when using `Admin Menu Editor`.- Feature: populate the value of the select and multiselect field.


– Chore: improving the appearance of the settings page.- Feature: support for processing any meta customer values (value must be written before the order is sent to crm).


– Fixed: deleting a shortcode string if it has no value, otherwise just a shortcode string could have been sent.- Fixed: compatibility with `Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce`.- Fixed: compatibility with `WooCommerce Sequential Order Numbers Pro`.


– Feature: added new tag – [order_coupon_list].- Feature: added new tag – [shipping_method_title].- Feature: added new tag – [order_create_date].- Feature: supports send voucher code `WooCommerce – PDF Vouchers`.- Feature: supports send vendor name `Dokan`.- Feature: support for `GA Client ID`.


– Feature: skip order processing for specified products.


– Feature: Bulk sending orders to CRM.


– Feature: support for processing any meta order values (value must be written before the order is sent to crm).


– Fixed: could occur using `WP_Error` as `array`.


– Initial public release

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