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WooCommerce Drag & Drop Uploader | Ajax File Upload

WooCommerce Drag & Drop Uploader | Ajax File Upload

Let your customers upload files easily for purchased products directly from the product page. WooCommerce Drag & Drop Uploader plugin allows customers to upload one or multiple files inside the product page with a simple and easy to use Ajax drag & drop box.

See the professionally designed drag & drop WooCommerce product file uploader in action. The plugin is built entirely with our options and require no custom coding.

Accepted File Types Please view the documentation for full demonstration of how the plugin works, If you still have any questions please submit here before buying the plugin to make sure it will work well for your specific need.


Version 1.0.0 – November 30th, 2017—————————————————————————————— First plugin release. Version 1.0.1 – January 07th, 2018—————————————————————————————— Some bugs fixed.Version 1.0.2 – Mars 01th, 2018—————————————————————————————— Fixed bugs and improved performance. Version 1.0.3 – April 07th, 2018—————————————————————————————— Fixed the issue of files not displaying in order page.- Added a feature to charge by number of uploadsVersion 2.0.0 – January 16th, 2021—————————————————————————————— Fixed compatibility issues with recent version of WooCommerceVersion 2.0.1 – February 26th, 2021—————————————————————————————— Fixed bugs and styling issues- Add bulk download feature to the order edit page ( admin can now download all images in bulk ) .- Changed the display of error message to look cleaner

Demo = WooCommerce Drag & Drop Uploader | Ajax File Upload

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