WooCommerce Custom Emails

WooCommerce Custom Emails

Create, customize and send highly targeted WooCommerce emails

WooCommerce Custom Emails is a powerful extension that allows you to send custom transactional emails to your clients on any occasion. Dozens of conditions ensures that your custom emails will be sent to only those clients that are supposed to receive them.

WooCommerce Custom Emails Features

  • Create custom transactional emails
  • Send emails to clients, shop managers or both
  • Use rich editor to format email content
  • Insert dynamic content by using 37+ macros
  • Create content blocks that can be re-used
  • Create triggers that dispatch custom emails
  • Triggers can be based on multiple events
  • Developers can add custom events
  • Emails can be sent immediately or delayed
  • Send emails after specified number of days
  • Send emails on specific date
  • Set multiple conditions for each trigger
  • Choose from 35+ powerful conditions
  • Email Log tracks all plugin events


This WooCommerce email plugin requires PHP 5.6+, WordPress 4.9+ and WooCommerce 3.5+.


Version 1.4.4, 10 July 2020————————————————————————————* Fix – Notice: get_used_coupons is deprecated* Tweak – Renamed {customer_note} to {order_notes_by_customer} maintaining compatibility* Tweak – Renamed {order_notes} to {order_notes_to_customer} maintaining compatibility* Tweak – Checked compatibility with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce* Tweak – Other minor bug fixes and improvementsVersion 1.4.3, 24 July 2019————————————————————————————* Fix – Role change event doesn’t work well with role condition* Fix – Password reset link macro doesn’t work with specific event types* Fix – Macro customer_note does not return customer note* Fix – Macro order_notes set to return public notes only* Fix – Taxonomy is not defined during init action* Fix – Trying to get property ‘slug’ of non-object* Fix – Emails are sent multiple times under specific conditions* Tweak – Improved compatibility with latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce* Tweak – Min supported WooCommerce version changed to 3.0* Tweak – Min supported PHP version changed to 5.6* Tweak – Other minor bug fixes and improvements* Dev – Added more arguments to filter rp_wcec_email_headersVersion 1.4.2, 16 October 2017————————————————————————————* Feature – New macro auto_login_link to automatically log in user* Feature – Option to clear email log from bulk actions* Fix – WC_Checkout->posted was called incorrectly* Fix – Unable to determine user id on login* Fix – Undefined variable new_status* Tweak – Other minor bug fixes and improvementsVersion 1.4.1, 15 April 2017————————————————————————————* Tweak – Improved compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0* Tweak – Other minor bug fixes and improvements* Dev – New filter hook rp_wcec_date_time_formatVersion 1.4, 9 January 2017————————————————————————————* Feature – Clear scheduled emails related to specific trigger* Feature – Option to send email to static recipients (other than admin and customer)* Feature – Option to send emails with no styling* Feature – Macros {user_meta_XXX} and {order_meta_XXX} to access any meta value* Feature – New condition Shipping Zone* Fix – Scheduled email specific date option does not accept translated month names* Fix – Error when searching emails, blocks and triggers in admin area* Fix – Order coupon condition compares keys with ids and does not work correctly* Fix – Shop manager can’t manage emails and plugin settings* Tweak – Removed Styler functionality in favour of http://rightpress.net/decorator* Tweak – Reply-to email now set to customer’s email when email is set to admin* Tweak – Purchase history conditions now also use emails to identify customers* Tweak – Layout improved by making it more structured and clear* Tweak – Send HTML emails instead of multipart by default* Tweak – Other minor bug fixes and improvements* Tweak – Removed support for WooCommerce 2.4 and earlier* Dev – New filter hook rp_wcec_custom_conditions allows adding custom conditions* Dev – Removed filter hook rp_wcec_conditionsVersion 1.3.4, 13 August 2016————————————————————————————* Fix – WordPress 4.6 Styler compatibility issues* Fix – Product attribute condition not working correctlyVersion 1.3.3, 30 June 2016————————————————————————————* Fix – Updated automatic updates class to fix fatal error on some setupsVersion 1.3.2, 29 June 2016————————————————————————————* Fix – Some user macros have no values when new account is created during checkout* Tweak – Updated automatic updates class* Tweak – Other minor bug fixes and improvementsVersion 1.3.1, 21 June 2016————————————————————————————* Fix – Triggers created in a previous version were not working in latest version* Tweak – New macros related to WordPress user account* Tweak – New WooCommerce Order On-hold email template* Tweak – Other minor bug fixes and improvementsVersion 1.3, 16 June 2016————————————————————————————* Fix – WooCommerce 2.6 compatibility issues* Fix – PHP 7 compatibility issues* Fix – Compatibility issues with other plugins that use Select2* Fix – Issues with macros that use custom method to retrieve values* Fix – Undefined index wp_customize notice* Tweak – Renamed Trigger Actions to Trigger Events* Tweak – Added email column to trigger list* Tweak – Updated automatic updates class* Dev – New filter hook rp_wcec_schedule_email to skip scheduling email* Dev – New filter hook rp_wcec_send_email_immediately to skip sending email* Dev – New filter hook rp_wcec_send_scheduled_email to skip sending scheduled emailVersion 1.2, 12 April 2016————————————————————————————* Fix – Macro value is absent if checkout field is hidden* Fix – Invalid argument supplied warning* Fix – Issues with latest version of WordPress* Fix – Issues with latest versions of WooCommerce* Fix – Double order items table header* Tweak – Default status for a new triggers is set to disabled* Tweak – Updated automatic updates class* Tweak – Other minor bug fixes and improvements* Dev – New filter hook rp_wcec_macro_value to filter macro valuesVersion 1.1.2, 19 December 2015————————————————————————————* Fix – Bug related to email attachmentsVersion 1.1.1, 13 December 2015————————————————————————————* Feature – File attachments for custom emails* Tweak – Improved language file loading, now also looks in WP_LANG_DIR* Tweak – Other minor bug fixes and improvementsVersion 1.1, 11 December 2015————————————————————————————* Feature – Support for automatic plugin updates* Fix – Problems with conditions method “All of selected” * Fix – Removed Add Log button in Log list view* Fix – Removed duplicate quick links in Email, Trigger, Block and Log list views* Tweak – New Trigger condition “Payment method” for order-related actions* Tweak – Improved scheduler to avoid running the same action twice on busy servers* Tweak – Scheduler now uses WordPress interval scheduling* Tweak – Improved Add To Cart trigger action functionality* Tweak – Other minor bug fixes and improvementsVersion 1.0.3, 10 December 2015————————————————————————————* Fix – Styler compatibility with a wider range of WordPress versions* Tweak – Other minor bug fixes and improvementsVersion 1.0.2, 3 December 2015————————————————————————————* Fix – Problems with trigger action New OrderVersion 1.0.1, 3 December 2015————————————————————————————* Fix – Can’t use method return value in write contextVersion 1.0, 28 November 2015————————————————————————————* Initial release

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