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WooCommerce Birthday Discount Vouchers

WooCommerce Birthday Discount Vouchers

Woocommerce Birthday Discount Vouchers is a woocommerce addon which allows you to setup discount and send the discount vouchers to the users on their birthday.

Whenever a new user registers on your site with their birthday. The plugin automatically generates a coupon code based on the admin settings and email it to the registered user on their birthday.

The plugin internally uses the default woocommerce coupons so there are lots of filter and criteria options when you setup birthday discount vouchers.

Try Before Buy

Want to try this before buy? No problem. Try the basic version of this plugin with limited feature. Download it here


  • Easily setup discount for the users.
  • Automatically generates a different unique coupon each time to send email with the coupon on their birthday.
  • Restrict the usage of the coupon issued coupon to registered email id only.
  • Easily select and setup coupon for specific products or categories.
  • Easy to exclude specific products and categories from the discount.
  • Ability to exclude discount on sales items.
  • Uses woocommerce mailer for sending pretty emails to customer for the new registration coupons.
  • Ability to define a minimum and maximum purchase limit in order to be able to use the coupon.
  • Allows you to define a coupon validity in number of days from the date of registration.
  • Ability to change the email from name and address.
  • Allows you to customize the coupon code email and subject from the admin panel.
  • Allows you to use enter predefined variables on the email body and email subject.
  • Powerful admin backend to customize the plugin.
  • Shows the list of user’s birthday in the calendar
  • Shows different types of date picker to set users birthday
  • Functionality for admin to set user’s birthday from user profile
  • Functionality for user’s to set their birthday only one time from their account
  • Functionality for admin to check all the out going coupons generated with this plugin
  • Functionality for admin to show user’s birthday in the current calendar year so that admin don’t need to scroll previous years to check user’s birthday
  • Functionality for admin to set for how many time the plugin will send coupon to the user on their birthday year.

Change log:

Version 2.2 (17th April 19)- Fixed multiple roles for a user issueVersion 2.1 (22th Dec 18)- fixed issue for cron scheduled when plugin is disableVersion 2.0 (15th Nov 18)- Added option for role based discount voucher- fixed issue for date picker- Added option to show date picker and custom fields in the checkout pageVersion 1.9 (11th Sep 18)- Fixed issue coupon validation- Added functionality to use WooCommerce native emailsVersion 1.8 (21st August 18)- Issue fixed for users edit birthday from their accountVersion 1.3 (1st May 18)- Fixed issue for the birthday field on checkout pageVersion 1.2 (28th April 18)- Fixed issue for the calendarVersion 1.2 (22nd April 18) – Functionality made to show birthday calender for all users in the current year so that admin don’t need to scroll previous years to see birthday for users – Functionality made to show coupons generated with this plugin – Functionality made to set numbers of year the coupons will be sent to the user – Made functionality where user can see his birthday but can’t edit. User can set birthday only one timeVersion 1.1 (12th Dec 17) – Functionality made to set First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth not required – Functionality made to set user’s birthday from their profile by admin – js and css modified – Made functionality to show user name in the birthday calender when user first name is not setVersion 1.0 (6th May 17) – Initial public release

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