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Ultimate Video Player with YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5, Ads

Ultimate Video Player with YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5, Ads

Ultimate video player is powerful responsive video player with right side or bottom Gallery which support most popular video types available!
HTML5 (mp4) videos, videos from YouTube and videos from Vimeo as well. Player have built-in advertising system as pre-roll ads (each video can have own ad, each video ad can be enabled/disabled). Player have integrated YouTube API and Vimeo API so you can play any video from YouTube and Vimeo platforms beside your mp4/webm videos!

You can use player without gallery with only one video, or you can build your own gallery with thumbnails, titles and descriptions. Number of videos is unlimited. Player comes with 5 pre-built skins and it’s fully responsive, resizeable and customisable so it fits perfectly in every website design.

Android demo, iOS demo


  • easy to use and customize
  • pop-up advertisement and pre-roll video advertisement that works with YouTube
  • pop-up advertisement and pre-roll video advertisement that works with Vimeo
  • pop-up advertisement and pre-roll video advertisement that works with HTML5
  • Google Drive videos support
  • Amazon S3 support
  • pop-up ads can be showed at any time during playback and hide at any time
  • play/pause ads, skip ads, click ads etc…
  • responsive (optimized for desktop and mobile devices – iOS, Android)
  • font awesome icons – perfect for Retina displays (font Awesome icons are vectors, which mean they’re gorgeous on high-resolution displays)
  • 2 gallery types (with unlimited videos):
    • 1. Right side gallery
    • 2. Bottom gallery
  • self hosted videos (mp4), YouTube and Vimeo videos support
  • customisable Vimeo player (set any color you want)
  • 5 skins included: Default skin, Classic skin, Minimal skin, Transparent skin, Silver skin
  • click & drag (touch) to control gallery
  • mousewheel to control gallery
  • all browsers compatible
  • multiple instances: you can insert more players in same page
  • customisable: change size, combine different skin for player with different skin for gallery, disable logo/embed/share if you dont need these features and more…
  • optional logo: you can add your logo as image (.jpg, .png). Logo position can be in bottom-left corner, or bottom-right corner.
  • optional player shadow
  • optional preview image: if you want your player to be paused when page loads, you can set preview image
  • autohide controls: you can choose after how much seconds player controls will disappear
  • hide / show gallery with playlist button (with this functionality you can “stretch” player over gallery to have better view for video, as well as “shrink” player to see gallery menu again to choose videos)
  • autoplay: on/off
  • complete volume control
  • fullscreen support (real fullscreen included in download package)
  • optional share: facebook, twitter
  • optional embed code: for visitors to embed your player in their sites
  • video information window
  • rewind function
  • tooltip for time
  • tooltip for volume percentage
  • double click to enter/exit fullscreen
  • SPACE key play/pause
  • ESCAPE key to exit fullscreen
  • detailed installation instructions included

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If you like this product, don’t forget to rate Change log:24.8.2015.Fix – Updated Vimeo API, fixed Vimeo preroll ads not playing.16.6.2015.Fix – fixed bug with HTML5 video autoplaying after youtube video28.5.2015.Fix – fixed bug with autoplay on mobile25.3.2015.New – added option to disable users to skip preroll ad20.1.2015.Fix – prerolls won’t autoplay on mobile for youtube, vimeo (click play btn to engage event to trigger prerolls)15.11.2014.New – remove playlist arrows depending on number of videos in playlist6.11.2014.+ New – improved code+ New – added new option: choose responsive or fixed width/height- Fix – fixed bug when HTML5+Ads running in background18.10.2014.+ New – show related youtube videos as optional6.10.2014.+ New – added pop-up ads+ New – removed webm format , only mp4 format needed for self hosted videosFix – fixed small fullscreen bug28.8.2014.Fix – Major update -> iOS (iPhone/iPad fix, Safari fix)update 22.7.2014.+ New – poster and logo for all video typesFix – Firefox webm bug fixupdate 8.7.2014.+ New – custom YouTube theme/colorsFix – no playlist fixFix – autoplay fixupdate 1.7.2014.+ New – pre-roll advertisement+ New – bottom galleryupdate 7.6.2014.Fix – Firefox bug fixupdate 30.5.2014.+ New – right-click menu as optional (to prevent downloading of your hosting videos)update 15.5.2014.+ New – Vimeo supportupdate 24.4.2014.+ New – Youtube support+ New – font awesome icons – retina ready vector icons+ New – Responsive layoutupdate 21.2.2013.+ New – option to have multiple players in same pageupdate 15.2.2013.+ optimized for iOS (iPhone, iPad) and android+ optimized video performanceupdate 11.2.2013.+ New – new scrolling system for gallery (optimized for touch-mobile devices)update 20.4.2013.Fix – major code improvements, removed xml, IE9 fix, IE10 fixupdate 9.8.2013.+ New – optional video looping

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