Testimonials Showcase for WPBakery Page Builder Plugin

Testimonials Showcase for WPBakery Page Builder Plugin

Testimonials Showcase for WPBakery Page Builder is the best well made and up to date Plugin built to display testimonials and reviews using Page Builder.

Testimonials Features

  • Fully WPBakery Page Builder Compatible
  • 10 Predefined Responsive Themes
  • Grid Showcase
  • Slider Showcase (multiple features)
  • Filter Showcase
  • Submission Form
  • Product Review
  • Rich Snippets integrated
  • Fully Responsive&Retina Ready
  • Special Colors
  • Multi-Language
  • “Read more” option
  • Multi-Groups
  • Multiple Ordering
  • Characters custom limit option
  • Multiple Slider Pagination Themes
  • and many others features…

WordPress Testimonial Plugin

This item is an AddOn for WPBakery Page Builder

Be sure that you have installed the most powerful Page Builder built especially for WordPress Platform

WordPress Testimonial Plugin

Testimonials Showcase for WPBakery Page Builder

Testimonials Showcase for WPBakery Page Builder is the perfect WordPress plugin build to display and manage your testimonials as a responsive grid or as a dynamic slider. You have multiple special themes and effects that will help you to show your testimonials in so many different ways.

With Testimonials Showcase for WPBakery Page Builder Plugin for WordPress you can display your testimonials without any line of code. All you need to do is to generate the testimonials selecting your desired options to display, pick a favorite theme and select a predefined color. Choosing the right color scheme for your testimonials section of your website was never easier.

WordPress Testimonial Plugin – 10 Special Themes

10 templates are included in this release. Get designer quality results without writing 1 line of code. We have built different responsive themes ready to display your testimonials on any resolution and device. More templates will be released in the future.

You can suggest a theme and we will take care of your wish.

WordPress Testimonial Plugin – 10 Color Schemes

Customize your testimonials with the desired color to better fit in your website. You can choose from predefined 10 trendy colors that covers the all spectrum.

10 Display Options

Pick individual fields for each Testimonials group. You can toggle between logo, quote, Stars rating, Job, Company or Date.

Slider Showcase

You have 10 features to build your desired Testimonials slider. All the options are very easy to change and user friendly. Display your Testimonials as a carousel slider with some transition effects and nav buttons.

Other WordPress Testimonial Plugin Features:

  • Slideshow options
  • CSS3 Effects
  • Responsive & Columns structure
  • Inside Testimonials’s member Page ready
  • Testimonials Management

Over all

Testimonials Showcase for WPBakery Page Builder plugin is the most complete plugin on the market. With so many options your Testimonials Showcase will be unique and special.

In the Future…

Testimonials Showcase for WPBakery Page Builder plugin is already in use on some of our regular clients websites and we know that the next think they want is to have a nice preview system for the templates. As far as we are concerned this is the next feature we want to include, if you have any suggestions please let us know.


If you want to use Testimonials Showcase for WPBakery Page Builder plugin, all you need to do is install WordPress 3.5+, and install the plugin.

Updates Log

How to Update the Plugin?

Version 4.1 – 06.15.2021- Improve Style – Improve JS structure- WP 5.7 Compatibility- Improve TranslationVersion 4.0- Improve Form Submission- Improve listing showcase- Improve Style structureVersion 3.9- ADD New fields: Social Fb,Tw,Int,GPlus- Display Date based on WP format- Fix default Image display- Quote texts with HTML format- Compatiblity with WPBakery 5.4.xVersion 3.8- Improve Compatibility based on Custom Post Type- Compatibility with WPBakery Page Builder v.5.1- Fix Last Name orderVersion 3.7- Improve the Target Link workflow- Improve the Order options workflowVersion 3.6- Compatibility with WPBakery Page Builder v.5.xVersion 3.5- Fix Google Aggregation when no Ratings displayedVersion 3.4- Add AggregateRatings on Rich Snippets module- Update on WPBakery Page Builder 4.12Version 3.3- Update on the last WPBakery version 4.11- Avoid “Read More” when is not necessaryVersion 3.2- Fix Rating stars into Submission Form- Fix Read More/Read Less translation- Fix Slider conflict with specific Themes- Improve WorkflowVersion 3.1- Fix Plugin css conflicts- Improve WorkflowVersion 3.0- ADD Custom Link- ADD Open Link in new Window- Filter with WPBakery fix- Filter ImprovementsVersion 2.9- Update to WPBakery 4.6Version 2.8- Order Categorie by Slug on Filter- Improve Visual Dashboard Design- Fix CSS particular caseVersion 2.7- Improve WPBakery Version- Improve Default Values- ADD Filter Multi-Layouts- Ready for Theme Pack- ADD Custom Group for Submission Form- ADD Default Image Avatar- Improve Testimonials List- ADD Dashboard Box for Pending TestimonialsVersion 2.6- Add Slider AutoHeight- Fix Images Size- Improve “Read More” feature- Update on WPBakery version- Fix Capcha FormVersion 2.5- Update Slider version- Add Slider Loop- Add Slider Responsive- Add Slider Mouse Drag- Add Slider Touch Drag- Add 3 Paginations Themes- Improve Slider Bullets- Add Slider Animation In- Add Slider Animation Out- Fix Multi-Group Selection- Improve Themes- Improve WPBakery Elements Design- Optimize Included filesVersion 2.4- Add Rich Snippets Reviews- Add Multi-Group Selection- Add Order by “Last Name” – Add Align Testimonials Centered Feature- Add “Custom CSS” Options- Improve WP Themes Integration- Improve Filter Multi Categories- Improve CSS – Fix Special Server Compatibility- Fix Featured Image RestrictionVersion 2.3- Fix Max Width restriction- Fix row CSS classVersion 2.2- Responsive Improvements- Uninstall FixVersion 2.1- Improve Math Form Verification- Fix Form Failed Submit- Add Responsive Settings- Update Isotope Script- Add Multi Language- Update Testimonial Slider version- Improve Auto-height Slider- Improve Filter Buttons CSS- Add Read More features- Improve Inside Page features- Add custom slug for Custom Post TypesVersion 2.0- Order Type FixVersion 1.9- Code ImprovementsVersion 1.8- WPBakery 4.3 filter updateVersion 1.7- Add Max no of Characters- Add CapCha FormVersion 1.6- Fix Filter multi-categories- Fix Slider Speed- Improve Slider CSS3 Version 1.5- Theme small fix- Filter FixVersion 1.4- FireFox CompatibilityVersion 1.3- Add Testimonials Filter FeatureVersion 1.2- Fix Blank Link issue – Add Hover Effect option- Improve themes min-width – Add RAND feature- Fix Groups issue- Fix URLs issue- Fixes CSSVersion 1.1- #main css issue- Fix min-width themes- Change slug- Form Builder – Subscribe Testimonials


  • FontAwesome
  • OwlCarousel JS
  • Isotope JS

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