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SUMO WooCommerce Pre-Orders

SUMO WooCommerce Pre-Orders

SUMO WooCommerce Pre-Orders is a Comprehensive WooCommerce Pre-Orders Plugin using which you can allow your customers to pre-order the products before they are released. There are many customization options such as whether to charge upfront or when product is released, date and time when the product will be released, maximum quantity that can be pre-ordered, allow customers to cancel their pre-orders etc. It is also compatible with our SUMO WooCommerce Payment Plans Plugin, SUMO Memberships Plugin etc.


  • Most Comprehensive WooCommerce Pre-Orders Plugin
  • Works with both Simple and Variable Products
  • Allow Customers to Pre-Order Products Before Product Release
  • Product Release Date and Time can be Configured
  • Price can be modified[Discount/Mark-Up] for Pre-Order Products
  • Pre-Order Products can be configured with the Charge Type as Pay Up Front/Pay on Release
  • Countdown Timer to display the Product Release Date for Pre-Order Products
  • Option to set Maximum Quantity which can be ordered by a User per Pre-Order Product
  • Option to Strike Regular Price and display the Pre-Order Price
  • Option to Send Payment Invoice Reminder to users who have chosen “Pay on Release” after the product has been released
  • Site Admin can change the Release Date for Pre-Order Product(s) and notify customers instantly
  • Email Notifications to Admin and Customers about Product Released, Invoice to Complete the Payment, Pre-Order Cancelled, etc
  • Allow Users to Cancel their Pre-Order Products[Anytime Before Product Release/Specified Time Before Product Release]
  • Master Log to record the Pre-Order Transactions
  • Customers can see the updated view of their Pre-Orders on their Account
  • Compatible with SUMO Payment Plans(Requires SUMO Payment Plans plugin)
  • Compatible with SUMO Memberships(Requires SUMO Memberships plugin)
  • Highly customizable
  • WPML compatible
  • Translation ready
  • And more

Compatible With

SUMO WooCommerce Pre-Orders is Compatible with

1. SUMO WooCommerce Deposits and Payment Plans

2. SUMO Memberships – WooCommerce Membership System

3. SUMO Affiliates Pro – WordPress Affiliate Plugin

How to Upgrade to a newer version of SUMO WooCommerce Pre-Orders?

If you are using an older version and want to upgrade to the latest version of SUMO WooCommerce Pre-Orders then please do the following steps.

1. Deactivate and Delete the existing version of SUMO WooCommerce Pre-Orders in your site.
2. Download the latest version file ( of SUMO WooCommerce Pre-Orders from Codecanyon.
3. Unzip inside which you will find the Plugins files i.e.
4. Install the latest version of SUMO WooCommerce Pre-Orders i.e. using WordPress Dashboard.
5. Activate the Plugin.

Please note you will not lose any settings values, data etc by following the above steps.


Please check the documentation as we have lots of information there. The documentation file can be found inside the documentation folder which you will find when you unzip the downloaded zip file.

For support, feature request or any help, please register and open a support ticket on our site.


Version 4.0 on 24 November 2021Tweak: Admin can track Pre-Ordered Products based on Pre-Order Charge TypeTweak: Tested with WooCommerce v5.9.0Fix: Product Price display issue in Product Page[Compatibility with “Finale – WooCommerce Sales Countdown Timer & Discount” Plugin]Fix: Date picker for selecting Pre-Order Release Date is not working properly based on WP Date FormatVersion 3.9 on 18 October 2021New: Option to not charge the Shipping Cost for Child Orders when purchasing Regular Products & Pre-Order Products(Pay on Release) in the same orderNew: Option to display the Cart Total Amount at frontend when multiple Pre-Order Products(Pay on Release) purchasing in the same orderTweak: Action Hook added while creating Child OrderTweak: Code ImprovementsTweak: Tested with WordPress v5.8.1 & WooCommerce v5.8.0Version 3.8 on 10 July 2021Tweak: Code Improvements Tweak: UI Improvements Tweak: Removed support for WooCommerce Versions below 3.0 Tweak: Tested WordPress up to v5.7.2 and WooCommerce up to v5.4.1Version 3.7 on 16 March 2021New: WPML Product CompatibilityTweak: Tested up to WordPress v5.7 & WooCommerce 5.1Version 3.6 on 01 January 2021New: Option to customize Plugin EndpointsNew: Option to give pre-order variation data from Plugin/WooCommerceNew: Added my-preorders.php and no-preorders-found.php template for My account pageTweak: Code optimizationTweak: Updating the following actions through Background Process,i) Pre-Order Release Dateii) Pre-Order Acknowledgementiii) Pre-Order CancellationTweak: Added Filter API for calculating the pre-order price from cartTweak: Displaying notice at the admin end while configuring the pre-order settings through Bulk ActionsTweak: Tested up to WordPress v5.6.0 & WooCommerce v4.8.0Tweak: POT File UpdatedFix: Getting “Unable to write a template error” when editing the email templates given from the PluginFix: Deprecated Error[function named “_sumo_pp_get_payment_endpoint_url”] displaying in the view pre-order page[Compatibility issue with SUMO Payment Plans Plugin]Fix: Warning errors when configuring products through Bulk ActionsVersion 3.5 on 18 September 2020Tweak: Improvement in modifying the pre-order release date for variable productTweak: Tested up to WooCommerce 4.5.1Fix: Deprecated Message in edit pre-order page with WooCommerce 4.4.1Version 3.4 18 June 2020Tweak: Tested up to WooCommerce v4.2Tweak: Flush rewrite rules call prevented in multiple pagesFix: Warning Message in Edit Pre-Order Page at admin endFix: Tax Cost display issue in the Pre-Order EmailsFix: Payment Gateway Restriction Settings applying for regular productsVersion 3.3 on 15 May 2020Tweak: Tested up to WooCommerce v4.1.0Tweak: Validation made when the discount price has set greater than regular priceFix: Pre-Order Price display issue based on the tax setup[Inclusive]Fix: Tax display issue in edit preorder page based on the tax setup[Inclusive]Version 3.2 on 11 February 2020New: Discount Price option added for “Pay on Later” Charge Type Fix: Only Purchased Users can access their Pre-Ordered DetailsVersion 3.1 on 14 November 2019New: Added Bulk Update SettingsNew: Option is given to display the pre-order variation(s) as Variable Product/Separate Product using ShortcodeTweak: PO File UpdatedVersion 3.0 on 12 July 2019New: Option to allow multiple pre-orders in the cart New: Option to allow mixed products in the cart Tweak: Major Code Revamp Tweak: PO File Updated Fix: Pre-order information is not displaying at frontend when other than plugin native date format is selectedVersion 2.2 on 06 December 2018Fix: Cron scheduling problem due to WP TimezoneVersion 2.1 on 06 October 2018Fix: Pre-Order information is not displaying in Variable Product due to message customized with special charactersVersion 2.0 on 13 September 2018New: Option added to place Pre-Order products[only “Pay in Front” charge type products are allowed] along with normal products in a single orderVersion 1.9 on 11 August 2018New: Added Custom CSS Settings Tweak: Enhanced Inventory Management Fix: Unable to pay the payment when the Pre-Ordered product becomes out of stock[Applicable only for “Pay on Release” charge type]Version 1.8 on 04 August 2018Fix: Pre-Order information is not displaying for Guest UsersVersion 1.7 on 31 July 2018New: Option to show the Pre-Order Information based on User(s)/Userrole(s) Tweak: Improvement on displaying Pre-Order Information for Variable Product[When all variations have the same price]Version 1.6 on 10 July 2018New: Option added to display the Date and Time Format based on WordPress SettingsNew: Option added to hide the specific payment gateways on checkout[Applicable only for “Pay in Front” charge type]New: Shortcode to display the Pre-Order ProductsTweak: Search functionality on Pre-Orders and Master LogTweak: String Translation UpdatedFix: Pre-Order notes removed in WordPress Comments SectionFix: Pre-order notes removed on My Account Page under My Pre-Orders Section when performing Data ErasureVersion 1.5 on 08 June 2018New: Option added to remove personal data in Pre-ordered Orders(WooCommerce 3.4 compatibility)Version 1.4 on 03 June 2018New: GDPR compliance WordPress compatibility for Data Access, Data Erasure and Privacy Policy updateVersion 1.3 on 10 May 2018New: Added POT Translation FileTweak: Date and Time for Pre-order(s) Product should be configured for both Simple and Variable ProductVersion 1.2 on 01 April 2018Tweak: Compatibility improvements with SUMO WooCommerce Payment PlansVersion 1.1 on 28 March 2018Tweak: Payment Acknowledgement improvement in Post TypeFix: Compatibility issue with Avada Theme[Add to Cart text is displaying for Pre-Order Product in Variable Product Type]Version 1.0 on 20 March 2018- Initial Release

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