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Sendy Widget Pro

Sendy Widget Pro

This plugin allows you to add user’s to Sendy list from your WordPress website

New : Google reCaptcha V3 Integration


  • New Form Builder
  • Custom Fields Integration
  • Google reCaptcha v2 & V3 Integration
  • Now supports Full Integration with WooCommerce
  • Integration with Easy Digital Downloads
  • Integration with WPBakery Builder
  • Integration with Buddypress
  • Captcha to prevent spam
  • Shortcode for subscribe and unsubscribe form
  • Terms & conditions checkbox
  • Javascript Validation before adding user
  • Ajax enabled, user never leaves your site
  • Subscriber count in Frontend of widget
  • Encourages the collection of only information that you actually need i.e. an email address (or name if you want)

WooCommerce Integration Features

  • Add user to list on checkout.
  • Set lists for individual products, if product is in placed order then user will be added to set lists
  • Sends Billing Name, Email from checkout data.

New Form Builder

For Installation and documentation , please check the documentation folder inside the downloaded zip package

Note: You need Sendy installed on your server before you can use this plugin

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Version 3.6.1, 4th Oct 2021————————————————————————————Fix:- Fixed timeout issue with reCaptcha v3.Version 3.6, 29th Sep 2021————————————————————————————New:- Added support for reCaptcha V3.Version 3.5.5, 16th July 2021————————————————————————————Fix:- Submit button not aligning correctly.Version 3.5.4, 3rd July 2021————————————————————————————Fix:- Lists checkboxes will now display in new line.Version 3.5.3, 12 May 2021————————————————————————————New:- Added placeholder option for custom fields.Fix:- Fixed php warnings.Version 3.5.2, 8 May 2021————————————————————————————Fix:- Fixed php warnings.Version 3.5.1, 13 Apr 2021————————————————————————————New:- Added option to display Lists as checkboxes in form.Version 3.5, 9 Apr 2021————————————————————————————Fix:- Optimized code & removed deprecated functions.Version 3.4.8, 13 Nov 2020————————————————————————————Fix:- API key is now not visible in admin.Version 3.4.7, 23 April 2020————————————————————————————Bugs:- Renamed ‘sendy_woocommerce_registered_user_name’ filter to ‘sendy_woo_billing_name’.Version 3.4.6, 27 June 2020————————————————————————————Bugs:- Fixed subscription checkbox not showing on EDD checkout page.Version 3.4.5, 21 April 2020————————————————————————————New:- Added sendy_woocommerce_registered_user_name filter.Version 3.4.3, 19 April 2020————————————————————————————New:- Added sendy_registered_user_name filter.Version 3.4.3, 21 Nov 2019————————————————————————————Fix:- Added compatibility with Sendy v4.0+.Version 3.4.2, 15 Nov 2019————————————————————————————New:- Added option to hide field Labels.- Added option to set placeholder for email & name fields.Version 3.4.1, 24 Aug 2019————————————————————————————Bugs:- fixed issue with required custom fields.Version 3.4, 15 july 2019————————————————————————————Bugs:- fixed issue with custom checkbox field required param.- woocommorce settings are now more clear.Version 3.3, 28 June 2019————————————————————————————Bugs:- fixed issue with multiple lists in woocommerce products not working.Version 3.2, 22 June 2019————————————————————————————New:- Added direct signup to lists for wocommerce option.Version 3.1, 28 Nov 2018————————————————————————————Bugs:- Fixed required field validation for checkbox field.Version 3.0, 12 Sep 2018————————————————————————————New:- Added option to set lists for individual products in WooCommerce.Version 2.1, 4 Sep 2018————————————————————————————New:- Added option to set Name & custom fields as required.Version 2.0, 11 May 2018————————————————————————————New:- Added GDPR compatibilty using Sendy API. Now you can send gdpr variable as true.- Added option to send user IP Address.- Added option to send user page referrer.Version 1.8.3, 28 April 2018————————————————————————————Bugs:- Subscribtion checkbox will be unchecked by default now.Version 1.8.2, 6 Sep 2017————————————————————————————Bugs:- Fixed success message not correctly showing in frontend.Version 1.8.1, 13 Feb 2017————————————————————————————New:- Added Redirect Url option for each Form- Added option for Field translations on each form- Added subscriber count field- Added option to select multiple lists for each formBugs:- Fixed unsubscribe button text & success message.Version 1.8, 6 Feb 2017————————————————————————————New:- Added new Widget- Cleaned up Setting UI to look more like wp backendBugs:- Fixed php warnings- Optimzed codeVersion,19th May 2016————————————————————————————Bugs:- Fixed terms text not showing upVersion 1.7.6, 27th Jan 2016————————————————————————————Bugs:- Fixed submit button translationNew:- Added filter ‘swp-forms-subscription-list’ to filter lists before subscribeVersion 1.7.5, 1st Dec 2015————————————————————————————New:- Added option to unsubscribe form- Added spinner gif when form submitsBugs:- Fixed deprecated unsubscribe shortcode not workingVersion 1.7.4, 2nd Nov 2015————————————————————————————New:- Added Google reCAPTCHA support- Added terms and conditions field to new Form designerVersion 1.7.3, 7th Sep 2015————————————————————————————[*] Fixed Captcha validation[*] Fixed admin css issuesVersion 1.7.2, 21st Aug 2015————————————————————————————[*] Fixed Captcha url[*] Fixed issue with SSL sitesVersion 1.7.1, 20th Aug 2015————————————————————————————[+] Added new Form Designer.[+] Added custom fields support.NOTE: NEW SETTINGS ARE MOVED TO SWP FORMS -> SETTINGSVersion 1.7, 13th June 2015————————————————————————————[+] Added redirect url option.[+] Added direct signup on register option.[*] Updated backend interface[*] Fixed BuddyPress issuesVersion 1.6.2, June 11th 2015————————————————————————————[*] Fixed translation for already subscribed message.Version 1.6.1, April 1st 2015————————————————————————————[*] Fixed bug with the list Id not setting up in form.Version 1.6, March 18 2015————————————————————————————[+] Added filter swp_list_field_type for developers.Version 1.5, August 20 2014————————————————————————————[+] Now supports buddypress & WPBakery BuilderVersion 1.4, April 28 2014————————————————————————————[+] Minor Bug fixesVersion 1.3, April 01 2014————————————————————————————[+] Now supports Easy Digital Downloads[+] Added Text translation for remaining fieldsVersion 1.2.3, March 04 2014————————————————————————————[*] Added Text translation options in backendVersion 1.2.2, January 29 2014————————————————————————————[*] Fixed captcha Image path [*] Styling tweakVersion 1.2.1, January 28 2014————————————————————————————[+] Added Captcha to preven spam signup’sVersion 1.2, January 21 2014————————————————————————————[+] Woocommerce IntegrationVersion 1.1, January 20 2014————————————————————————————[+] Added Shortcode for subscribe and unsubscribe form[+] Added optionto add user on signup[+] Added terms & condition checkbox[*] Fixed a bug in widgetVersion 1.0, November 05 2013————————————————————————————1.0 Initial Release Icons by icons8.

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