Multicrm – Multipurpose Laravel CRM

Multicrm - Multipurpose Laravel CRM

Multicrm is a Powerful  CRM. Build on top of Laravel – Updated to newest Laravel 8 , Twitter Bootstrap, and SCSS. CRM contains over 50 features & modules. Crm is easy to extend, customize. Developers can extend and modify application.

Laravel 8 Update

## New Features in 4.x- Update to Laravel 8- Email notifications for assigned records, comments, Attachments, Events- Minimal PHP version 7.4- Added multiple translations using google translation api.- Added create order using webform## Bugfix- Fixed bug in create invoice, orders, quotes## New Features in 3.1.x- Added Events to Leads & Contacts- Added Tab Filters (All, Assigned To Me) in Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Tickets)- Tickets module. Added new fields in ticket (Ticket Owner), Added Print view with QR Code- Accounts Module. Added new fields Payment Currency, Payment Condition, Extra ID- Invoices. Added QR Code.- Contact module. Added Websites (Customer internet adresses)- Contact module. Mailing List (Usable for integration with other applications)- Testimonials module. Extended fields and features.- Products module. Added additional dates feature.- Added static field (Example in Testimonial Form)- Added BapUpdate Command (Usable when updating from prev version)- Calls module. Added status field- Invoices module. Invoice Settings – Added default due days (number)- Companies module. Added new fields to list.- Added Force delete (Removes companies and users) – soft delete- Added possiblity to change displayed text size in generic datatables.- Send Welcome Email to new User


Powerful CRM ApplicationModule ArchitectureCrud Web ModulesCrud Rest API + JWT AuthModern application designBuilt with LaravelSoftware As a Service (PayPal, Stripe Integration, Offline)

What will customer get

  • ^multicrm – Powerful Multi-Company Modular CRM Application
  • Landing Page Website – Separate Application
  • HTML Template that we use in ^multicrm

Documentation & Support

  • Documentation & Installation instruction
  • User documentation
  • FAQ


500+ Customers. Thank You!


Customer Reviews.




CRUD which allows you to easily do forms and database operations.

Display Settings

Easy change color theme, application name, logo, wallpaper and more.

Language & Traslations

Built-in language switch function and easy translation by files.

Time Zone, Date Format & Time Format

People work all over the world. Let them work in their time zone and with their date formats.

Users, Roles, Permissions, Groups

The built-in groups function allows multiple users to work on records without access by other users.


One record can have multiple attachments of any type you want.

Powerful Comments System

Have conversations on each record. With a tree view, up-vote, sorting.. and more.

Profile picture

Initials, Gravatar, own photo.. anything you want.

Easy relations

ManyToOne, OneToMany, ManyToMany and more.

Activity Log

Track each records changes. Who did it, when, what he change.

Menu Manager with permissions

Easy customizable menu with permissions.

Company Settings & Outgoing Server

Easy change settings directly from the UI.


Inform your users. Maintenance or important events.

Web Form API

You can use javascript to easily create leads and contacts in CRM.

Rest API

You can use rest API (JWT) to easily manage leads and contacts, tickets in CRM.


Application can be used as CRM for single company or for multiple where you can charge companies for use of CRM (Extended license required).

Email Campaigns

Prepare email campaigns with templates.  Send email to leads, contacts


The most important things in one place.


Personal calendar with the option to share. Public calendars for meeting rooms, resource reservations.


Allows to create, track and optimize marketing activity.


Prospect who might be interested in your products. You may collect leads from events, web forms etc.


Record information about your customers. The person can be individual or linked with the company.


Account records is an organization customer. The record can be connected with almost every module.


Deals are potential sales and opportunities. You can collect them and work with them to change to real revenue.


It contains the detailed list of Products and Services.


Register of invoices in one place. information about the statuses, products and services you provide.


Store orders from customers. It’s a formal sales paper.


Tickets are any kind of customer service requests. Module helps to collect, group customer requests, inquiries and problems.

Service Contracts

Register of official documents for support and professional service agreements.

Assets & Inventory Management

Individual products, services with the serial number, modal registered on customers or company employees.

Products & Services

Register of your products & services.


Manage information about vendors of products & services.


Manage information about documents, scans, attachments. Comment documents.


Register of income and expenses. Detailed information about the forms of settlements.

PDF Print

Print quotes, invoices, orders, tickets



Demo of MultiCRM

User: [email protected]

Password: admin

Demo of Bap Saas KIt


Admin Panel

User: [email protected]

Password: admin


  • PHP 7.4+
  • MySQL 5.1+
  • mod_rewrite
  • OpenSSL
  • PDO
  • Mbstring
  • Tokenizer
  • JSON
  • CURL
  • DOM
  • Bcmath
  • GD


**—————————- Version 3.1.6**## Features – Added csv import deduplication base on selected column – Added Call Log to Deal – Added percent field in Deal – Added link between quote and deal – Added convert deal to quote – Added status workflow in deal – Added enable/disable widgets on dashboard## Bugfix – Fixed error with spatie menu – Fixed error in campaign email – Fixed error in subscription module – Fixed issue in API**—————————- Version 3.1.5**## Features – Added Events to Leads & Contacts**—————————- Version 3.1.4**## Features – Added Tab Filters (All, Assigned To Me) in Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Tickets) – Tickets module. Added new fields in ticket (Ticket Owner), Added Print view with QR Code – Accounts Module. Added new fields Payment Currency, Payment Condition, Extra ID – Invoices. Added QR Code. ## Bugfix – Fixed error – Syntax error or access violation: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; – Fixed default value of certificate in PayPal.**—————————- Version 3.1.2**## Bugfix – Fixed invalid installation instruction – Improvements in search dates in datatables**—————————- Version 3.1** ## Features – Contact module. Added Websites (Customer internet adresses) – Contact module. Mailing List (Usable for integration with other applications) – Testimonials module. Extended fields and features. – Products module. Added additional dates feature. – Added static field (Example in Testimonial Form) – Added BapUpdate Command (Usable when updating from prev version) – Calls module. Added status field – Invoices module. Invoice Settings – Added default due days (number) – Companies module. Added new fields to list. – Added Force delete (Removes companies and users) – soft delete – Added possiblity to change displayed text size in generic datatables. ## Bugfix – Fixed issues in calendar – Fixed issues with Email Campaing – Changes module – fixed relation with user. – Lots of other bugs fixed. – Show phone icon only when there is a phone number – Fixed error with save profile in landing-page admin (voyager) – Invoice must have contact id – Quotes – fixed display of html tags in print**—————————- Version 3.0.2** ## Features – Attachments api for 3-part applications ## Bugfix – Fixed error with saving company settings, display settings. – Fixed issue with tags loaded on each page. – Removed queue work from cron. You need to add queue work to supervisor –**—————————- Version 3.0** As of version 3.0 Software As a Service Payments are integrated into CRM and Front Website is Landing Page. CRM has now easier installation and can be connected with any landing page. Important! Version 3.0 Has a massive amount of changes and it’s incompatible backward. It’s better to install new instance and movie data to this version. ## Features – Subscription Payment/Invoice integrated into CRM (PayPal, CreditCard – Stripe, Offline Payment – Invoice ) Complete Subscrpition module with (Settings, MultiCurrency, Plans, Invoices, Stats, Paypments) – Login/Register – Social Auth via Facebook, Twitter, Github – Added reCAPTCHA – Added API Key for webform (Contacts, Leads). – Added Email Campaign in Campaign Module – Added Currency to Product/Service – Added Invoice Settings – Invoice Prefix, Invoice auto number. – Added Recurring Invoice (Manual – Without automation yet) – Added custom datatable export XML in Testimonial module – Added Currency in dashboard widget – Many improvements ## Bugfix – Fixed deleted at in widgets – Other small bugs fixed.**—————————- Version 2.2.5** ## Features 1. Added mass delete 2. Added mass update ## BugFix – Fixed Send Email via queue. – Fixed print/export error on related modules. – Other small bugs fixed.**—————————- Version 2.2.4** ## BugFix – Fixed Display Module in Settings. Updated Library in composer.json – Fixed Error in menu Editor – Added Currency in Price Summary in Invoices, Quotes, Orders.**—————————- Version 2.2.2** ## BugFix **Rest API Module** – Added switch company method for admin users. “POST /api/switch-company { company_id: 1}” – Updated jwt-auth to tymon/jwt-auth”: “1.0.0-rc.4.1” – New command to generate jwt key “php artisan jwt:secret” **—————————- Version 2.2.1** ## Featurs 1. Better Performance – Added option to disable preloaded, records in tabs datatables are loaded on tab click. 2. Added option to disable countTo (better performance). ## BugFix 1. Fixed Calendar – Added option to create events from calendar drag. 2. Fixed CSV Import. 3. Fixed birth date in lead.**—————————- Version 2.2**Important! Version 2.2 Has a massive amount of changes and it’s incompatible backward. It’s better to install new instance and movie data to this version. ## Features 1. Better separation of companies. All dictionaries in modules, Tags, Email Templates, Customer Country, Currency, Tax, Roles etc are per company. 2. New saas api functions. 3. Added Plans (Possiblity to limit modules per company) 4. New module Testimontials. 5. Lot of Bug Fixes ## Features Saas Front 1. Added Trial Plans – 30 days free of charge. 2. Added Manage users of crm via saas. 3. Bug fix**—————————- Version 2.1** ## Features 1. Added Send Email to Contacts 2. Added Email settings per account. Each user can have his own email settings. 3. Added Email Templates. 4. Better support for Tags – Global per company tags. 5. Bug Fixes**—————————- Version 2.0** ## Features 1. Quick Edit – Ability to edit records directly in lists. 2. Advanced View – Ability to create custom list views. 3. Advanced Filter – Ability to filter records with complex queries. 4. Generic additional partial views in index list of modules + Generic Count Group By Widget. Examples: Campaigns, Leads, Contacts. 5. New modules: – Activity -> Call Log – Activity -> Contact Request 6. Contacts – Added Additional emails feature. 7. Leads – Additional emails feature. 8. Product – Added Price Book (Multi Price Product) + Integration with Invoices. 9. Web Forms – Integration with wordpress form or any other application that can “post” request to url. 10. Added Gravatar for Contacts. 11. In Part of admin settings added quick quick add ,quick edit options. 12. Added support for redis cache. 13. Updated Laravel to 5.7 14. Bug Fix – comment save fix. – users limit, storage limit fix. – other fixes. – fixed bug with entity_created_by**—————————- Version 1.1.5** ## Features 1. Generic CSV Import with CSV mapping to Database columns – Lead Import from CSV – Contacts Import from CSV – Accounts Import from CSV – Payments Import from CSV 2. Quick Create – Create records directly from Module index list. 3. Convert Records – Convert Lead to Contact – Convert Quote to Order – Convert Order to Invoice BugFix Fixed error with fk during installation Other small errors fixed.**—————————- Version 1.1.4** ## Features 1. Added SAAS Front Website 2. Added Parent task 3. Added Company Limits (Optional User limits, Optional Storage limits) 4. Api Integration with front website application**—————————- Version 1.1.3** ## Featurs 1. Added Images to Product – Display of image in quotes**—————————- Version 1.1.2** ## BugFix 1. Fixed reset password**—————————- Version 1.1.1** ## BugFix 1. Fixed error with save record in Leads module**—————————- Version 1.1** ## BugFix 1. Added company field in users for admin user 2. Fixed lead overview on dashboard when there are no data in database 3. Moved delete to more section in show view 4. Performacne fix – show view – removed min and max from prev,next.- **—————————- Version 1.0** initial release

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