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Multi Vendor Stripe Plugin for WooCommerce

Multi Vendor Stripe Plugin for WooCommerce

Multi Vendor Stripe Plugin for WooCommerce

This Item only works with Webkul’s WordPress WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace. Hence the Marketplace Plugin is Required, to make use of this Plugin.

Using this plugin you can accept payments from all over the world for your e-commerce store. Multi-Vendor Stripe Plugin works as a payment gateway. This Plugin can be run in both test and live mode. In this seller has to connect using stripe connect.

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Features Of Multi Vendor Stripe Plugin for WooCommerce

It works will all the Stripe Supported Currencies.

Outh will be used for creating token when receiving card details so that no information of card will be saved at our end.

Email notification will be sent on each transaction.

Stripe Connect almost supports all types of credit card including Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover, that can be used for making the purchases at the time of checkout.

Stripe Connect is well integrated with WordPress WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace.

There is no need to modify the core files to use the Stripe Connect plugin.

Check and utilized both Test and Live server modes on the payment gateway.

When the customer makes a payment for the product/s the payment is automatically split amongst the admin and the sellers involved.

The Admin will get the commission based on the sellers of the marketplace. If the admin has configured the commission per seller then the admin will get the commission that is configured per seller. Else global commission configuration will be applicable if no commission has been set at the per seller level.

This plugin provides multiple seller support, which means even if there are multiple seller products in the cart the payment from the customers will be split among the admin and the sellers involved.

Both the admin and the sellers can process a refund for the orders from their respective panels.



“Initial release v 1.0.0” “Current release v 2.0.1″v 2.0.1 Added – Implemented payment intent. Added – Implemented PDS2 Complience Added – Implemented 3D secure for fraud prevention. Added – The admin can authorize and capture it’s payment as well as hold it’s payment for future capture. Added – The admin can see it all order’s capture status.v 1.1.5 Enhancement – Added refund FEATURES.v 1.1.4Tweak – Added support for the Marketplace Membership Plugin.Enhancement – Provided Separate Charge and Transfer API support.v 1.1.3Tweak – Updated stripe settings at admin side.Tweak – Added stripe technical best practices.Enhancement – Updated the Stripe API version to 6.4.0.v 1.1.2Enhancement – Implemented the Direct Charge API for payment.Enhancement – Updated the code structure.Enhancement – Updated commission part.Tweak – Added the translation in the plugin.v 1.1.1Update : Stripe payment will be completed using token.v 1.0.1Fixed : Compatibility issues with latest WooCommerce version are fixed.Fixed : Stripe connect account form creation issue for seller end fixed.v 1.0.0Initial release

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