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MDTF – WordPress Meta Data & Taxonomies Filter

MDTF - Wordpress Meta Data & Taxonomies Filter

WordPress Meta Data Filter & Taxonomies Filter – MDTF – the plugin for searching and filtering WordPress content – posts and their custom types by taxonomies and meta data fields. The plugin has very high flexibility thanks to its rich filter elements and in-built meta data constructor!

The main idea of the plugin – make your WordPress site content is filterable and searchable by meta fields and taxonomies on the same time. With this plugin you will be able to filter meta fields and taxonomies on the same time of: posts, custom post types, WooCommerce products, Jigoshop products.

  • If you want to make searchable – car’s, homes for sale, rent, hotels, ships, wooshop products AND jigoshop products, Easy Digital Downloads and any other things on your site – the plugin is for you
  • If your site is Real estate agency
  • If your site is Cars Dealer – the plugin is for you
  • If your site is Hotel place searching – the plugin is for you
  • If you have a Culinary site with tons of recipes – the plugin is for you
  • If your site is a Showcase or is your Portfolio – the plugin is for you
  • If you want simply make searchable your posts – the plugin is for you
  • If your site is woocommerce shop and you want to make products searchable by meta fields, product caregory, price, product attributes on the same time – the plugin is for you

The plugin can give you the next power:

  • Any types of posts filtering, woocommerce products filtering, jigoshop products filtering – by meta fields AND multiple taxonomies on the same time!
  • Ready for Jigoshop! and EasyDigitalDownloads
  • Post Messenger – let your customers will know about new posts or products according to their selected search criterias
  • AJAX SEARCHING FOR WOOCOMMERCE and another custom post types
  • Search by post title and/or its content
  • STATISTIC – analyze the information about what your customers filtering on your site
  • Create new meta fields with built-in constructor: checkboxes, drop-downs, range-sliders, calendars, textinputs, multi drop-downs, labels
  • Make searchable your products by already existing meta fields and taxonomies
  • Make searchable your products by new meta fields and taxonomies
  • Step for range slider optionally (integer and decimal. Example: 12 and 1.618)

Live-demo sites of the plugin:

The plugin Features:

  • Install and use (with “taxonomies only” widget)
  • AJAX searching for: posts, custom post types, woocommerce products, jigoshop products, EasyDigitalDownloads products
  • Widgets and Shortcodes
  • Filter posts and custom post types by meta fields
  • Filter posts and custom post types by taxonomies
  • Query multiple taxonomies and meta fields on the same time
  • Ready for WooCommerce! Work with WooCommerce: price, products attributes and with product categories!
  • Ready for Jigoshop! and EasyDigitalDownloads
  • Creating search-filter shortcodes by constructor
  • STATISTIC – let your customers will know about new posts or products according to their selected search criterias
  • Post Messenger – let your customers will know about new posts or products according to their selected search criterias
  • Meta values html-items combinations auto recount based on the current search (dynamic recount)
  • Taxonomies terms values auto recount based on the current search
  • Built-in the meta-fields data constructor (checkbox, drop-down, multi drop-down, range-slider, calendar, textinput, label)
  • AJAX recounting of the seacrh form html-items for hierarchical searching
  • Unlimited count of meta fields which can be created by built-in meta data constructor
  • Auto submit option
  • Step for range slider optionally. Integer or Decimal.
  • Size for any drop-down optionally
  • Searching by post title and its content (any post type)
  • Specify for each meta fields the display mode on front: drop-down, checkbox, range slider, calendar, textinput, label
  • Specify for each taxonomy the display mode on front: drop-down, checkbox, multi drop-down, label
  • The ‘Reflection’ functionality for meta fields for working with already existed meta-fields of your site – makes already existed meta fields searchable.
    Reflections – is functionality for synchronizing new meta fields with already existed meta fields to make post searchable by them!
  • Constructor of sort-panels
  • Nice works with your theme by default . Try free version of the plugin.
  • Nice tooltip for each html-element of the search form with description text
  • Unlimited instances of the MDTF widgets and MDTF shortcodes, and each of them has its own set of settings
  • Empty terms or meta fields can be hidden optionally in widgets and in shortcodes
  • Works with any kind of post, custom post type, woocommerce/jigoshop products, category or custom taxonomies, price
  • Dynamic recount for the search combinations
  • Reset button optionally
  • Toggles for the filter sections
  • And another magic features
  • Easy entry

    How to create simple Car Dealer site from scratch

    For all customers who doesn’t understand how to create filters for woocommerce and want to filter products by taxonomies, price and product attributes – FREE filter installation!
    Just write us in THE SUPPORT REQUEST next please: Hello, I bought MDTF plugin for woocommerce and I want to have filters by taxonomies and price. Create them please.
    And send me of course your wp-admin credentials. So your economy is time and 20$. That is all Buying this plugin you get more than one plugin. Get more for free as gift!!



    Meta Data Constructor is what makes this plugin UNIQUE. No other search plugins come with such powerful and advanced features out of the box. All your searches are over—no pun intended and we really mean it!

    With this search plugin you can create custom meta-fields with simple clicks – no coding experience required. You choose how your search form(s) html-items should be presented on your site’s front end: with drop-down, checkboxes and/or range sliders, calendars, textinputs.

    For example you already have your own shop online, and like many you have come across other shops with very cool features and fancy search forms, with numerous options… Now you would like to see such a great form on your own site. But how could you achieve this without coding experience or paying a premium fee? Just purchase this plugin for a mere $30 and you will be able to create powerful search forms in no time, using our unique built-in Meta Data Constructor with meta fields and taxonomies. All is documented with videos. Example of a seacrh forms:

    If your shop already has a lot of meta-fields and you want to use them: built-in meta data constructor has a great tool for it called ‘Reflection’. How does it works (step by steps instructions included in our comprehensive online documentation and videos)?
    You can create a new html item via the built-in meta data constructor, for price as an example, it would be a range-slider, check checkbox ‘Reflect value from meta key’, and paste your old key in the newly enabled text area. Press Update. All done. From now on your old meta value is also searchable thanks to MDTF! Neat.

    There is a lot more you can do with this seacrh plugin of course, make sure to check the documentation and watch our videos.

    Thanks for your interest.

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    Customer reviews:

    v.2.2.9- set of small and medium fixes- wordpress 5.8 adaptation (widgets)v.2.2.8- jQuery code fix for WordPress 5.6 compatibility- PHP 8.0 compatibility fixesv.2.2.7- set of fixes and adaptation for PHP 7.3.x- adaptation with plugin Content Views — Post Grid & List for WordPress set of minor fixesv.2.2.4- minor fixes and adaptation for woocommerce v.3.3.1v.2.2.3- New filter item: Multiple checkbox select (js emulation)- New option: Range slider skin- New option: Init plugin scripts on the next site pages only- New option: JavaScript code after AJAX is done- New option: Sort options by alphabetical order- New option: Custom CSS code- New feature: Cache terms- mdf_search_is_going – CSS class in tag body if searching is going- $args = apply_filters(‘mdf_custom_shortcode_query_args’, $args, $custom_id); – wp-filter for shortcode [mdf_custom] – //require plugin_dir_path(__FILE__) . ‘ext/utilities.php’; – not documented extension in index.phpv.2.2.0- WordPress 4.3 compatibility- New shortcode mdf_select_title for drop-down in meta constructorExample: echo do_shortcode(‘[mdf_select_title post_id=117 meta_key=medafi_fashion]’);print_r(MetaDataFilterCore::get_val_as_select_title(139,’medafi_fashion’, ‘africa’));- Cron for cleaning dynamic recount cache- Different overlay skins in the plugin options for front of site- Sort options by alphabetical order for drop-down in meta constructor- Keys in drop-down in meta constructor can be with spaces, any customer wantsv.2.1.9Added:- compatibility with Demo is: little fixes from customersAdded:- option in settings where activate gmap API script- caching for dynamic recount- option – where to keep search data: in session or in transients- search by title and/or content on the same time- sort panel from now works always- changed index for the plugin to 2, to divide numerator from the free versionv.1.1.7Fixed:- little fixes from customersAdded:- search link is not super long already and is very short- constant link extension search by content- Additional taxonomies conditions: -> product_cat=current- new range mode for drop-down- new range mode for range-sliderv.1.1.6Fixed:- little fixes from customersAdded:- sort panel improvements- code improvements- giftsv.1.1.5Fixed:- a lot of little and some big bugsAdded:- AJAX SEARCHING for woocommerce products and different post types- a lot of little featuresv.1.1.4Fixed:- couple of bugs from customersAdded:- toggle of filters on front widget- filter category selection on widget- optionally popup title in shortcode attributes- textinput – search by title- script that verifies that at least one selection has been made (one button mode)v.1.1.3Fixed:- couple of bugs from customersAdded:- results per page added in the plugins settings- [mdf_draw_sort_by_filter] – sort-by panel shortcode – you can add this in text widget for sorting [mdf_post_features_panel] – add this mannualy under title on sinle page to show product features from built-in meta constructor if you want- custom keys for drop-downs, to make compatible reflection for CPT wp plugin- [mdf_chain_menu taxonomy=’product_cat’ exclude=” show_count=1 post_slug=’product’] – simple taxonomies chain menu shortcode [mdf_results_tax_navigation] – shortcode for results which shows all taxonomies which are uses in search query- Show all child terms at once below in widgets and shortcodes taxonomies in search query optionally on the result page- WooCommerce attributes compatibility- understand WooCommerce hidden productsv.1.1.2Fixed:- couple of bugs from customersAdded:- textinput meta field- calendar meta field- special conditions in wordpress – this plugin can filter products based on category conditions for taxonomies when they are drop down each drop-down can has its own title, parents and all childs: title1^title2^title3- many little improvementsv.1.1.1Fixed:- 1 serious bug + 2 simple bugs from customersAdded:- added sort-by constructor for WooCommerce- added shortcode mdf_force_searching for fixing search in all wp themesv.1.1.0Fixed:- couple of bugs from customers fixedImprovements:- Partly WMPL compatibility – works only trough custom template- Added max-height for the plugins metabox options boxes- Filter by title added- Beauty drop-downs optionally Togle for filter blocks in built-in constructorv.1.0.9Fixed:- couple of bugs from customers fixedImprovements:- “One moment …” – now it is option in settings page- For drop down in meta option: show/hide title- A lot of small changes in the plugin interfacev.1.0.8Fixed:- couple of bugs fixedAdded:- max height for taxonomies with checkboxes, and beauti scroll for it- custom text for search result, example: Found %s items- popup of shortcode has new option – width- nice scroller added for fiters where a lot of elements- nice range sliders- custom URL for reset button- custom name/title for taxonomies- for drop-down custom word of first option instead of Anyv.1.0.7Fixed:- 1 bug with order-by panel in the widget- minor fixes- added new widget MDFT Taxonomies only- Remake of output results- For each filters section ability to set max-heigh- Each drop-down can has it own sizev.1.0.6Fixed:- minor fixesAdded:- qTranslate compatible- new shortcode – shortcode in beautiful popup – click and any form in popup ready to use- range slider step optionally- selection of page and template for each widget and shortcode optionallyv.1.0.5Fixed:- minor fixesAdded:- search form shortcodes- AJAX items recount (get items count by search combination meta & taxonomies without page reloading)v.1.0.4Fixed:- minor fixesAdded:- marketing linksv.1.0.3Fixed:- couple of logic bugsAdded:- auto recount in taxonomy- auto recount in meta fields- auto recount in complex of taxonomy and metafields- reset buttonv.1.0.2Fixed:- 1 bug for WooCommerceAdded:-Added support of taxonomy-Added rename of meta keys-Added reflections for meta keys (doc updated)-Added dynamic recount for meta values on front-Auto submit for taxonomy and meta values-More options in widgetv.1.0.1Fixed:- fixed js bug in backend for html elements while filter constructing- css of ui slider on front a little fixedAdded:- added ‘Act without pressing filter button’- added text inputs for ui sliders on frontv.1.0.0- Release

    Demo = MDTF – WordPress Meta Data & Taxonomies Filter

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