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Lekima – Store Delivery Full React Native Application for WordPress WooCommerce.

Lekima - Store Delivery Full React Native Application for Wordpress WooCommerce.

Food, Grocery, Pharmacy, Store Delivery Mobile App

– Version: 2.8.1 – 27/Jan/2022
– This is Exclusive Product License from Envato
– Full React native source code
– React Navigation v6
– React Native version 0.67.1

Note: NOT Included this plugin in the final purchase files.

01. Mobile App Builder

02. Store Vendor Explorer

03. Enable Your Location

04. Current Location and Search Location

04. Multiple Skin Colors

06. Dark/Light Mode

07. Display Distance and Duration

08. Explore The Store

09. Detail Product

10. Add to Cart Product

11. Social Login

12. Onesignal Notification

13. Login OTP

14. Custom Payment flow

15. Push Notification

16. Supports Payment Gateways via Webview


  • 3 Demos Homepage Layouts
  • PageBuilder Drag and Drop for App
  • Woocommerce, WordPress
  • React Native, Reactjs
  • Android
  • iOS
  • JS
  • Powerful configuration
  • Unlimited colors custom
  • Unlimited Layouts
  • Off Canvas Menu
  • Checkout & Payment
  • Login and Social login
  • Product grid & Carousel, Product list
  • Banner Promotions
  • Smooth Slideshows
  • Categories
  • Customer Reviews
  • Support RTL
  • Products Detail
    • Smooth image animation
    • Add to Wishlist
    • Zoom Image
    • Sharing
    • Information Products
  • Blog Lastest
  • Detail Blog
  • Coupon Code
  • Billing Address
  • Shipping Method
  • Payment Method
  • Order History
  • Refund
  • Dark Theme
  • Splash Screen
  • Make Multiple templates
  • Other Pages
    • Privacy
    • About us
    • Contact



Most of the shared hosting has disabled the HTTP Authorization Header by default.To enable this option you’ll need to edit your .htaccess file adding the follow

RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP:Authorization} ^(.*) RewriteRule ^(.*) – [E=HTTP_AUTHORIZATION:%1]


To enable this option you’ll need to edit your .htaccess file adding the follow

SetEnvIf Authorization “(.*)” HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$1

Test Vendor:


  • Login : vendor_demo
  • Password : vendor_demo

Test Delivery:

  • Login : delivery_demo
  • Password : delivery_demo

Update 24/01/2022Update 27/01/2022#v2.8.1- Fixed: Wrong param when adding to cart- Chose: Lint source code- Fixed: Go to blog and blog detail#v2.8.0- Upgrade: React Native 0.67.1- Fixed: Add to cart- Fixed: Show wrong icon on Android- Improved: Config React Navigation- Improved: use @react-navigation/native-stack instead @react-navigation/stack- Improved: Update one signal config- Chose: Ignore warning from react-native-gesture-handler library- Feat: Migrate creatFactory to createElement- Chore: input number class component => Function component- Improved: Remove recompose library since it not update from 2019- Add: Build in compose branch, lifecycle, setState, withState, compose, getDisplayName, setDisplayName …Update 18/01/2022## v2.3.0- Upgrade: React Native version 0.67.0-rc.6 ## v2.0.0 – 16/06/2021- Upgrade: React Native version 0.64.2 ## v1.2.1 – 20/11/2020- Improved: query products by radius range- Improved: Warning Picker library- improved: Change language## v1.2.0 – 30/09/2020- Upgrade: React native 0.63.3- Improved: Update quantity## 1.1.9 – 15/09/2020- Fixed: appear twice price in single product## 1.1.8 – 09/09/2020- Fixed: App hangs on the Onboarding screens when the Require Login option is switched on- Fixed: Cash app in text input address## 1.1.3 – 21/08/2020- Improved: validate register input fields- Chore: Disable the button add to cart in out of stock- Fix: get image product cart- Updated: Cart Rest API## 1.1.2 – 05/08/2020- Chore: translate `+ add` in ProductItem3- Fixed: lost the icon shop when turn off wishlist- Improvement: update loading remove cart and loading change quantity item cart- Add: Out of stock product item and number stock on product detail## 1.1.1 – 28/07/2020- Fixed: get vendor in product detail- Improvement: Order by popularity when user search products- Improvement: Change qty in cart screen- Removed: Ignore warning functions## 1.1.0 – 23/07/2020s- Improvement: Style on Explorer screen- Fixed: Lose Address when logout on header- Fixed: Login/Register by phone number Firebase- Improvement: Get products feature in store detail## 1.0.9 – 17/07/2020- Fixed: Get order notes- Fixed: Order date display 14&x2f;07…..- Improvement: Stop navigate to Auth screen when fail add to cart, show notification instead- Improvement: Suggestion select address feature – Fixed: Import specific language## 1.0.8 – 15/07/2020- Improvement: Increase to 100 products in vendor store page- Fixed: Display wrong vendor featured products## 1.0.7 – 13/07/2020- Added: Config geo location for contact screen- Fixed: Add to cart in wishlist- Fixed: wrong default data type in category- Fixed: unescape sort description in product- Fixed: Error when Vendor item description empty- Fixed: Count product in cart- Fixed: Value dispatch in webview thank you- mobile-builder: Validate add to cart- mobile-builder: validate add-ons required file ( 1.0.6 – 01/07/2020- Fixed: crash app in last step checkout Web view- Fixed: cal total in cart## 1.0.5 – 30/06/2020- Fix: checkout screen- Add: Analytic tab in plugin mobile builder## 1.0.4 – 25/06/2020- Fix: add to cart in product simple## 1.0.3 – 22/06/2020- Chore: get location map up in explore- Chore: reload data update Qty in cart- Fix: symbol in Basic SlideShow- Chore: change header all vendor to all vendors- Fix: search error- Fix: text in slide Creative- Fix: value title basic Slideshow- Fix: text header ModalVerify- Fix: error order detail## 1.0.2 – 16/06/2020- Add: Payment via Webview## 1.0.1 – 12/06/2020- Add: Send notification for Buyer when order status changed- Add: count cart items on header- Improvement: Show error message when checkout- Add: Delete cart item- Add: Skip button on Enable location screen- Improvement: Cart, Wishlist- Improvement: Update color step checkout- Improvement: Expire and fetch data in background config and category- Chose: remove set lineheight tag div in TextHtmlv1.0.0Initial release

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