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JQuery XML Shopping Cart – Store – Shop

JQuery XML Shopping Cart - Store - Shop

JQuery XML Shopping Cart – PayPal Store / Shop 3

This is easy to use fully XML Driven Store / Shop / Shopping Cart built using JQuery & Twitter Bootstrap Framework . Its having 2 options for the checkout Using PayPal or/and Submit order by Email

Products & Multi Level Categories (Sub-categories) – Can have Unlimited categories and Products

Product Options – Having support for unlimited product options with Addon price.

Taxes – Can have default tax rate or can be per product.

Shipping – Can have Base shipping charges, additional changes can be added as per product.

Fully XML Driven Shopping Cart. Unlimited items can be displayed.


  • Powered by JQuery
  • Bootstrap 3 & 4 themes
  • Simple yet Attractive and easy to use!!
  • Fully XML Driven
  • HTMl5 markup
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • Responsive Layout
  • Separate XML files for Products & Configuration
  • Ready to use.
  • Thumbnail for Product.
  • PayPal Checkout (Optional)
  • Submit Order by Email Checkout (Optional)
  • Multi Level ((Sub-categories)) Unlimited Categories
  • Unlimited Products
  • Product Size
  • Product Color option
  • Resizable
  • Well documented
  • 100% Customizable Shopping Cart


– Ver 3.0.1 – 01 MAR 2018 PayPal sandbox url corrected to live url- Ver 3.0.0 – 01 MAR 2018 External JavaScript/CSS libraries updated Added Multi-level Category (Sub-categories) Support Improved thumbnails loading Added Bootstrap 4 theme Now Cart & Order emails shows image thumbnails Added Instant Add to Cart without opening details. Many minor fixes & Improvements- Ver 2.0.0 – 30 MAR 2017 External JavaScript/CSS libraries updated Improved Layout Custom multiple options can be added now, Earlier only size & colors options are available. Now you can have unlimited options with Addon prices. Added Addon price functionality for product options Added feature to add shipping per product Added Support for Tax Added feature to add Tax per product XML paths now can be set via html page if needed Minor issues fixed- Ver 1.5.6 – 08 DEC 2014 – Reason: 1.5.6 – Show hide PayPal & Submit Order by Email button from config issue fixed- Ver 1.5.5 – 03 DEC 2014 – Bootstrap 3 Theme added & Some minor improvements- Ver 1.5.0 – 13 NOV 2014 Name changed from JQuery XML Store to JQuery XML Shopping Cart Product listing & basic look improved External JavaScript libraries updated Rewritten whole code Removed unnecessary library files Improved Product Listing Search Engine Friendly URLs Product Option Values can be different from Label Product Option won’t display if not available, earlier its need to add NA if you don’t have these options Search update – Now Search wait for user to stop typing Improved Shopping Cart Order email update – Now system send order details email to user also Uses local storage instead of cookies to save cart to save large cart Template Based View – Uses underscoreJS for templating Performance Improvements Improved Submit order form Validation & lot of minor improvements- 1.1.1 – 19 MAR 2013 – Minor issues fixed- 1.1.0 – 10 MAR 2012 – Added Search Functionality

Please Note: Submit order by email uses PHP mail function which works on PHP enabled servers.

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Some Screen Shots of store:

Product Details

Shopping Cart

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