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Go Night Pro | Dark Mode / Night Mode WordPress Plugin

Go Night Pro | Dark Mode / Night Mode WordPress Plugin

Go Night Pro enables dark mode or night mode with numerous options for your website.Dark mode is a new trend on web design. Desktop apps like Adobe Softwares have already implemented dark mode into their UI, now this plugin adds dark mode/night mode feature into your WordPress installation.Although you are not bound to dark mode, you can choose your own colors as dark mode. Also with version 1.1 you can set a period of time in which the dark mode would be automatically active on your website. Save Last Time Mode allows you to save user’s choices and enable it when user comes back to your website. You can insert the dark mode button on all pages or specific pages that you’ve selected. Button location, button type, body background color, text and links colors etc. are all adjustable.

Dark mode helps users avoid eye strain and relax their eyes as well as saving more battery. It also gives your website a new look and feel that may be appealing to many users.

Go Night Pro is now available with a whole set of new features!

Go Night Dark Mode Features:

  • OS Color Scheme Detection
  • Automatic Mode (based on hour)
  • Remember Last Time Mode
  • 15 Button Styles
  • Display Switch in Menu
  • Display Switch Above Pages
  • Display Switch Above Posts
  • Exclude Category
  • Exclude Pages
  • Exclude Elements
  • Enable Backend Dark Mode
  • 12 Color Palettes
  • Dim Image Brightness in Dark Mode
  • Custom CSS
  • Shortcode Integration
  • Define Custom Colors
  • Set Button Size
  • Set Button Margin
  • Replace Images in Dark Mode
  • Set Button Location
  • Custom Button Text
  • Select Page Activation

If you have any feedback, feel free to leave a comment. Thank you

== Changelog === 1.1.2 (Sep 14 2021)* Fixed: Flip Book Issue* Fixed: VBlog Theme Issues= 1.1.1 (May 25 2021)* Added: Include Element* Fixed: Remember Dark Mode Issue* Note: Versioning changed due to WordPress repository update= 1.0.6 (March 27 2021)* Update: Custom Styles Precedence Over Main Styles* Added: Typography Settings* Fixed: Exclude Page Issue Fixed* Update: Salient, AnyMag, Buddyboss Theme Compatibility Added= 1.0.5 (March 15 2021)* Updated: Image Replacement For Source Tags* Added: Dark Mode Callback* Added: Light Mode Callback* Added: Toggle Switch Colors* Fixed: Page Load Light Flash* Added: Shortcode Copy Button* Update: Dark Mode Element Selectors Updated* Update: UI Updated* Update: Documentation updated= 1.0.4 (March 2021)* Fixed: Custom Colors Issue* Fixed: Remember Mode Priority over anything else* Fixed: Removed errors for unidentified variable= 1.0.3 (12 February 2021)* Added: Display Switch in Menu* Added: Display Switch Above Pages* Added: Display Switch Above Posts* Added: Exclude Category* Added: Exclude Pages* Added: Exclude Elements* Added: Enable Backend Dark Mode* Added: 7 New Button Styles* Added: 12 Color Palettes* Added: Dim Image Brightness in Dark Mode* Added: Custom CSS* Updated: Floating Button Position Options* Updated: Plugin Page Look & Feel= 1.0.2* Added: WP Live Cam Theme Compatibility* Added: GridLove Theme Compatibility= (PRO) 1.0.1 (26 November 2020)* Added: 3 New Button Styles= Go Night Pro V. 1.0.0 (24 November 2020)* Fixed: Reboot Child Theme Compatibility* Added: Dynamic Root Color Scheme * Added: Operating System Prefer Color Scheme Detection* Added: Mutation Observer for Asynchronosely Added DOM = 3.8.7 (11 November 2020)* Fixed: Crypto by MyThemeShop Compatibility Issues * Added: Invert Mode= 3.8.6 (09 November 2020)* Added: Automatic Text Color Detection= 3.8.5 (20 October 2020)* Fixed: Datepicker Background Issue* Fixed: Shortcode Button Text Issue* Added: New Shortcode for Button Type 7= 3.8.4 (14 October 2020)* Fixed: Twenty Seventeen Compatibility* Added: Custom Button Text Option= 3.8.3 (12 October 2020)* Fixed: Chicken Genge Theme Compatibility* Fixed: Button Color Issue= 3.8.2 (05 October 2020)* Added: Button Margin Option* Added: Automatically Light Background Color Detection* Fixed: Chicken Gege Compatibility Issue= 3.8.1 (30 September 2020)* Added: Chicken Gege Theme Support= 3.8.0 (29 September 2020)* Added: Blade Theme Support* Fixed: Divi Theme Issues= 3.7.9 (21 August 2020)* Added: Jannah Theme Support= 3.7.7 (11 July 2020)*Fixed: Swip Slider Issue fixed*Fixed: Portfolio Background Issue on Salient Theme= 3.7.6 (06 July 2020)*Fixed: Salient Theme Incompatibility= 3.7.5 (01 July 2020)*Fixed: Salient Theme Incompatibility= 3.7.4 (30 June 2020)* Fixed: KLEO Theme Issues* Fixed: Publisher Theme Mobile Issue= 3.7.3 (29 June 2020)* Fixed: KLEO Theme Issues= 3.7.2 (28 June 2020)* Added: GridLove Theme Compatibility* Added: KLEO Theme Support= 3.7.1 (26 June 2020)* Fixed: BetterStudio Publisher Incompatibility* Fixed: Bridge Theme Issues= 3.7.0 (24 June 2020)* Added: Reboot Theme Compatibility* Fixed: Main Compatibility Issues= 3.6.0 (11 June 2020)* Fixed: Rehub Theme Compatibility Issues* Fixed: Toggle Button Issue* Fixed: Bridge Theme Header Image Issue= 3.5.0 (06 June 2020)* Added: Semplice Theme Support* Fixed: Bridge Theme Mobile Issue= 3.4.0 (29 May 2020)* Added: Define Dark Mode Logo* Added: New Button Style * Update: UI Enhanced* Fixed: Rehub Theme Mobile Menu Issues* Update: Documentation Updated= 3.3.0 (21 May 2020)* Fixed: Bridge Theme Box Title Issues* Fixed: Rehub Theme Mobile Menu & Category Page Issues= 3.2.0 (18 May 2020)* Fixed: Bridge Theme Issues* Added: 2 New Button Styles* Update: Documentation improved= 3.1.0 (15 May 2020)* Added: Bridge Theme Support* Fixed: Rehub Theme Issues= 3.0.0 (07 May 2020)* Fixed: Rehub theme issue= 2.9.0 (03 May 2020)* Fixed: BetterStudio Publisher theme issues* Fixed: Mobile device support for BetterStudio Publisher theme= 2.8.0 (02 May 2020)* Fixed: Page load button issue* Fixed: Rehub theme issue = 2.7.0 (01 May 2020)* Fixed: Rehub theme issues* Added: Mobile device support for Rehub* Update: Enhanced performance= 2.6.0 (29 April 2020)* Added: BuddyBoss theme support= 2.5.0 (26 April 2020)* Added: Flatsome theme support= 2.4.0 (24 April 2020)* Fixed: Rehub theme compatibility fixed* Fixed: Betterstudio Publisher issues fixed= 2.3.0 (23 April 2020)* Added: Betterstudio Publisher theme support= 2.2.0 (20 April 2020)* Fixed: Rehub theme compatibility fixed= 2.1.0 (20 April 2020)* Fixed: Divi theme compatibility issue fixed= 2.0.0 (14 April 2020)* Update: Added SquaDrone theme support= 1.9.0 (11 April 2020)* Update: Added Rehub theme support= 1.8.0 (06 April 2020)* Fixed: Some fixes to Salient theme support= 1.7.0 (05 April 2020)* Update: Support added for Salient theme= 1.6.0 (01 April 2020)* Update: Support added for Divi theme= 1.5.0 (28 March 2020)* Added: Custom Elements Section Added* Update: Support Added for Some Themes (Avada, Madara, Raido, Disto)= 1.4.0 (10 March 2020)* Fixed: Plugin Translation Issue Fixed* Updated: Mo an Po files updated* Added: 1 New Button Style Added= 1.3.0 (08 March 2020)* Added: Button Size Feature* Added: Button Type Three= 1.2.0 (05 March 2020)* Added: Shortcode functionality= 1.1.0 (25 February 2020) =* Added: Auto Mode at Nights* Added: Save Last Time Mode* Added: Activate on Pages* Added: Button Location* Added: Button Type* Update: Enhanced User Interface

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