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Eventer – WordPress Event & Booking Manager Plugin

Eventer - WordPress Event & Booking Manager Plugin

Event registration steps


  • Full width events calendar
  • Events List & Grid view multiple styles
  • Upcoming Event Countdown
  • Free or Paid event registration
  • Woocommerce payments for event registrations
  • List view yearly, monthly, weekly, daily
  • Events sorting using categories, tags, venues, organizers in lists
  • Multiple ticket types for every event
  • Advanced recurring event options. Repeat event for every day, week, bi weekly, any day of the week, every month or on any specific selected dates. Also can exclude repeating events from a continuous recurring event length
  • Easy to use and very advanced event filter header for list view
  • In built ticket generator
  • QR code on printable tickets
  • Email notifications
  • Event manager for every single event
  • Built in social sharing links on event details page
  • Option to save events to iCalendar, Yahoo Calendar, Outlook or Google Calendar
  • One way sync of Google Calendar to your website
  • WPML plugin compatibility for multilingual websites
  • Translation ready .pot file available
  • Export event registration bookings to csv file
  • Upload events in form of csv file format
  • Intuitive Shortcode generator
  • Custom permalinks options
  • Support

    Support is provided through our dedicated Support Forum to all verified theme buyers. Please have your purchase code handy when you register at our support forum. Here’s how to find your item Purchase Code?

    Plugin requirements

    Minimum PHP version required is 5.6 for the plugin to work correctly



    Images from live preview are not included in the plugin.


    This plugin is the only and official product of imithemes, exclusively available on the Enavto Market. It is not associated with any other plugin named Eventer available on any other market or plugins repository

    Change Log

    v3.3- January 16, 2022NEW! Services data is now included in the booking CSVNEW! Organiser name will show on the details page nowNEW! Pagination added for events grid with terms filtersNEW! Booking date added for bookings CSV with WoocommerceUPDATED! Recurring events array typeUPDATED! Long duration events will now show in every month of their scheduleUPDATED! Tickets sending process with WoocommerceFIXED! Additional info shortcake not working with WoocommerceFIXED! A problem with common ticket countFIXED! A bug with payment shortcode in the email templatesFIXED! Classic list now showing buy button when direct ticket link is usedFIXED! Event countdown not working with the Bridge themeFIXED! Prices with comma separators not workingFIXED! PayPal button remains hidden when switching between payment optionsFIXED! Free event booking not working when Stripe is activeFIXED! Selected organiser for slider shortcode not workingFIXED! Custom event URL not workingFIXED! Some styling bugsREMOVED! Google Plus share icon since the service has been stopped by Googlev3.2 .1- June 29, 2021NEW! Organiser info block for single event details pageFIXED! Payment method conditions not working in email templatesFIXED! Booking not working when price is for more than 3 digitsFIXED! Dynamically included dates for events recurrence not showing in the booking calendarFIXED! Some styling Bugsv3.2 – June 04, 2021NEW! Option to use filters with the pagination enabledNEW! Additional info text for the event details sectionNEW! Additional content for the emails like adding Zoom meeting URLsFIXED! Registrant name not working when counter is enabledFIXED! Ticket restrictions not working for some usersFIXED! Social sharing icon not showing on hoverFIXED! Problem with date picker on single event details pageFIXED! Some styling bugsv3.1 – December 27, 2020NEW! Option to delete bulk bookingsNEW! Option to disable PayPal payment optionFIXED! Free events doesn’t work if Stripe payment is active onlyFIXED! Decimal prices not working for offline paymentsFIXED! Wrong credit card info not allowing to change it in Stripe paymentsFIXED! Services & Coupons not working when using dynamic booking calendarFIXED! Rest API permission issue in WP 5.6 versionFIXED! General settings tab doesn’t remain active after savingFIXED! Some issues with JPY currencyFIXED! Multi days events showing as passed in thank you messageFIXED! Time slot not taking time settingsFIXED! Print ticket not working in Safari browserFIXED! Woocommerce tickets not getting added for multi days eventsFIXED! Some styling bugsv3.0.1 – August 20, 2020FIXED! Date wise tickets are getting reset while opening event edit pageFIXED! Some styling bugsv3.0 – August 15, 2020NEW! Multiple venue option for events gridNEW! Restore ticket option for default payment systemNEW! Ticket slot time field in booking CSV exportUPDATE! Compatibility with WP version 5.5FIXED! Radio/Checkbox fields not validatingFIXED! Add ticket field not working post 10 ticket typesFIXED! Ticket details not updating when editing event from frontendFIXED! HTML markup in the event title not showing in calendar viewFIXED! Remaining ticket count not working properly when event is added throughv2.9 – June 03, 2020NEW! Field for specific venue in eventIMPROVEMENT! Booking calendar will now show selected date instead of default textIMPROVEMENT! Bookings search in the adminFIXED! Polylang plugin not working correctlyFIXED! Common ticket count not working with WoocommerceFIXED! Event with multi days with different time not showing correctlyFIXED! 500 error when submitting Stripe payment form without filling the fieldsFIXED! Date missing when using grid with language other than EnglishFIXED! Send tickets from admin not working for some usersFIXED! URL escaping in the grid viewFIXED! Static all day text showing in the listFIXED! Some typo in the emailsFIXED! Custom permalinks not working in calendar viewFIXED! Stripe payments not rounding off the amount properlyFIXED! Total ticket values removing decimalsFIXED! Google events showing wrong timeFIXED! Frontend dashboard not working correctly on IE browserFIXED! Events filter not working in bookings pageFIXED! New woo commerce ticket from existing product isn’t workingv2.8 – January 29, 2020NEW! Option to view/update details of bookingsNEW! Stripe payment SCA authentication addedNEW! Booking search is now can accept any value to searchNEW! Currency code for second belarusian rubleIMPROVEMENT! Setting csv import for default paymentIMPROVEMENT! Event that have different dates in start and end date field and user wants to set all dayFIXED! Grid alignment issue on filtersFIXED! Problem with polylang plugin translationsFIXED! Date filter not working for some usersFIXED! Some styling bugsv2.7.3.1 – September 27, 2019FIXED! Bug with event registrationsv2.7.3 – September 27, 2019NEW! Option to add custom booking form for every eventFIXED! Compact list showing incorrect dateFIXED! All day event showing event end dateFIXED! Event data not saving for some usersv2.7.2 – September 26, 2019FIXED! Stripe payments checkout not workingv2.7.1 – September 15, 2019IMPROVED! Stripe payment system integrationIMPROVED! Event booking with time slots functionalityFIXED! Events product style grid linking issueFIXED! Some bugs with Woocommerce checkoutFIXED! WPML shows blank IDD for events for some usersFIXED! iCalendar not saving eventsFIXED! Linking issue with events grid when no featured image is availableFIXED! Contact Form modal box not getting closedFIXED! Year tab is not visible in filters when events are available for only single yearFIXED! Front end event submission not workingFIXED! Multi date events showing only last date on details pageFIXED! Infinite loading at checkout processFIXED! All day events not working properlyFIXED! Booking not visible for some usersFIXED! Countdown not working for featured eventsFIXED! Some styling bugsv2.7 – August 02, 2019NEW! Option to apply coupon codes for default payment optionsNEW! Option to set default payment statusNEW! Option to disable shortcodde preview linkNEW! Option to disable carousel scripts in case of conflict with a themeFIXED! Some domains not validating registered email addressFIXED! Issue with href tag passing to event URLFIXED! Custom badges not workingFIXED! Event countdown not working with some themesFIXED! Booking calendar to not show if event is not recurringFIXED! Events with same date/time not showing in the listFIXED! Assets file should use plugin’s version instead of theme’sFIXED! Externally linked event redirecting to single event page firstFIXED! Organisers website URL opening in same windowFIXED! Countdown counting from local timeFIXED! Future events links should be shown only when events are availableFIXED! An issue with events tickets not showing when using WoocommerceFIXED! Woocommerce tickets to show by default if product is availableFIXED! Some styling issues with Bridge themeFIXED! Categories with no events not showing in addd event pageFIXED! Woocommerce orders not updating by ownFIXED! Classic list tickets button not workingv2.6.2.3 – May 04, 2019NEW! Stripe payment gateway added as default payment optionsFIXED! Some stylings bugsv2.6.2.1 – April 25, 2019FIXED! Woocommerce checkout not showingv2.6.2 – April 23, 2019NEW! Custom venue name field for eventsNEW! Option to preview shortcodes while generating themIMPROVEMENT! Selected date visible in booking date calendar buttonIMPROVEMENT! Option to count all tickets from single fieldIMPROVEMENT! Filters are now alphabetically sortedIMPROVEMENT! Date and time format in booking is now as per WP settingsIMPROVEMENT! Check for only WP eventsFIXED! Time slots not updating while changing date from booking calendarFIXED! Australian dollar option missing from PayPal currency optionsFIXED! Excerpt now working for shortcodesFIXED! Date sort function not working for filtersFIXED! Clean grid style not redirecting to details pageFIXED! Some issue with Divi themeFIXED! Some styling bugs with The 7 themeFIXED! Warnings while fetching ticketsFIXED! CSV import not working properly with registrants fieldsFIXED! Bookings filter not working when selecting a specific eventFIXED! Some compatibility issue with IE browserFIXED! Woocommerce tickets showing on front end while not available in the back endFIXED! Login form styling issues in mobile devicesFIXED! Grid not aligned properly in mobile devicesv2.6.1 – March 05, 2019FIXED! Woocommerce payments not getting processedv2.6 – March 01, 2019NEW! Option to hide past eventsNEW! Option to manually checkin by TicketNEW! Option to autocomplete paymentsNEW! Archive page custom template optionNEW! Option to reset ticket details in the add event page ticket sectionIMPROVED! Calendar will now show the weeks as per the month not fixed like beforeIMPROVED! Booking DB tablesFIXED! Recurring week day function is not working properlyFIXED! Recurring events showing same weekday in date formatFIXED! Woocommerce ticket showing different ticket ID every timeFIXED! Woocommerce contacting check for single event page onlyFIXED! Date not showing in plain grid styleFIXED! Some styling issuesFIXED! Events to be treated as single event when start and end date doesn’t matchFIXED! Event slot time discrepancy in ticketsFIXED! Save event option not workingFIXED! Cart page not showing proceed buttonFIXED! Time slot data removed from Woocommerce ticketFIXED! PayPal payment info not passing in the systemFIXED! Plugin’s ajax system not working with other language pages of WPMLFIXED! User’s Dashboard submissions tab not loading for some usersFIXED! Alignment of grid layout after filter ajax callFIXED! Some conflicts with Divi ThemeFIXED! Some bugs with featured events displayFIXED! Some themes not showing venter settings pageFIXED! Filters not working properly when there are multiple shortcodes added to a single pageFIXED! Some compatibility issues with WPML pluginFIXED! Woocommerce tickets keeps showing processing status for ticketsFIXED! Night time events with not more than 1 days should be treaded as single day eventFIXED! Specific event bookings importing ll events while using default payment gatewayFIXED! Woocommerce tickets not adding for specific date in date wise sectionFIXED! Tickets were not saving when using Polylang pluginFIXED! Event date is not working for single occurrence events several timesFIXED! Events calendar not honouring time settings set in Eventer settingsFIXED! Select booking date button text is not translatableFIXED! Woocommerce orders showing pending when using Woocommerce code to auto complete ordersv2.5.2 – January 14, 2019UPDATED! wc_functions.php templateFIXED! All day event not working correctlyFIXED! Some event types not working in VCFIXED! Name and Email should be auto filled for logged in usersFIXED! Additional registrants details not showing in csvFIXED! Mini cart throwing some errors for some usersFIXED! Services setup not working for some eventsFIXED! init functions delegate function updatev2.5.1 – January 03, 2019FIXED! Added some new thumbnail size to fix new grid/list view layoutsFIXED! Modal window not opening for some usersv2.5 – January 02, 2019NEW! 4 new events list stylesNEW! 5 new grid stylesNEW! Events carousel option for grid viewNEW! 3 slider styleNEW! Filters options for grid viewIMPROVED! Social sharing and event save optionsFIXED! IE11 compatibility fixesFIXED! PHP 7.2 bugs resolvedFIXED! Restoring of tickets not working correctlyFIXED! Additional buttons on single event page option to hide not workingFIXED! Canadian Dollar option was missing from PayPal currency settingsFIXED! Taxonomies not showing in WP 5.0+FIXED! Events filters issue in IE browserFIXED! Ticket reset option not workingv2.4.2 – 27 November, 2018NEW! Multiple time slots for a single eventNEW! Option to select a time slot for ticket bookingNEW! Option to hide print, contact, future events, Directions links from single events pageNEW! Option to show end time of events in calendar viewNEW! Option to set a maximum limit allowed for booking per ticket typeFIXED! A styling bug in event ticket image that is sent to emailFIXED! Some styling issue with tickets layout on single event page when Woocommerce ticket system is been usedFIXED! A bug with the Visual Composer integrationFIXED! Compatibility issue with Salient theme custom VC pluginFIXED! Book ticket button gets hidden when date is selected from calendarFIXED! Currency sign not taking space with the priceFIXED! Currency sign position changed when ticket count is changed in ticket booking popupFIXED! Google events showing error for some usersFIXED! Book Ticket button not showing after date selection in multilingual websitesFIXED! Some static text strings were not translatableFIXED! QR Code was showing on thank you page for incomplete paymentsFIXED! Event date was storing wrong for some users in bookingsFIXED! Woocommerce product sold individually option now works for the tickets as wellFIXED! Unused venter class removed from the event details content sectionFIXED! Event count was not updating when ticket payment status is changedv2.4.1 – 25 September, 2018NEW! Option to choose event date with in the ticket section while bookingFIXED! Some styling bugsv2.4 – 25 September, 2018NEW! Option to set events as featured and show them on top of the events listNEW! Option to hide past events in monthly, yearly viewsNEW! Option to select recurring event date on event details page for registration of any future dateIMPROVEMENT! Filter events using AND/OR operatorIMPROVEMENT! All available currency options added while using plugin’s default payment optionIMPROVEMENT! Apply filter for the content of emailsIMPROVEMENT! Google events now loading in a new improved way to speed up the load timeFIXED! Ticket count not working properly with Polylang pluginFIXED! Some warning message with paginationFIXED! Some options were not translatableFIXED! Order summary box infinite loading when using plugin’s layout with WoocommerceFIXED! Multi day events event to show start/end dates in event details page and emails sentFIXED! Tickets count not working while using Woocommerce with default layoutFIXED! Decimals values not working with Woocommerce after decimalsFIXED! Plugin’s PayPal payment system doesn’t; t have correct IPN messageFIXED! Removed eventer class put on single page entry div to avoid typography problemsFIXED! Checkout section isn’t updating while changing data in the Woo minicartFIXED! Event calendar not working when used with tabsFIXED! Add new form first section isn’t visible once form is editedFIXED! Woocommerce coupon toggle box not working while using with plugin’s layoutFIXED! Bookings not working for some users when using Woocommerce with plugin layoutv2.3.1 – 17 August, 2018FIXED! New shortcodes for dashboard and add new form requiring event activation hookFIXED! Stripe payment and checkout js not working with WoocommerceFIXED! PayPal payments IPN not working for plugin default payment systemFIXED! Woocommerce optional fields also showing as required while placing orderFIXED! Deleted events showing even after deletedv2.3 – 16 August, 2018NEW! Front end add new event form NEW! From end add new event form drag drop builderNEW! User Dashboard to see created events and bookingsNEW! User Login/Register forms in new DashboardNEW! Option to schedule sale start date for any ticket type (Only for Woocommerce payments)NEW! Now add additional date for a single time occurring eventNEW! Option to disable email sending for different notificationsNEW! Option to make individual registrants field mandatoryIMPROVED! Ticket image resolutionIMPROVED! Small screen visibility of events calendarUPDATED! Email content textarea to WP editor typeFIXED! Event time was showing on tickets for all day eventsFIXED! A bug that was showing warning message while adding services for an eventFIXED! Event time is not showing correct for some usersFIXED! Terms were not working properly on page loadFIXED! Google events were showing in list view for several usersFIXED! Number of tickets to be restored after cancelling an eventFIXED! Data in downloaded csv file was not getting completeFIXED! Services was not getting included in the bookings downloaded csv fileFIXED! Filtering options conflicting with theme’s other custom post typesFIXED! Loading not working in Google Chrome when adding tickets to cartFIXED! Some of the Google events were not showing for list viewFIXED! Event title not showing when csv downloaded for bookingsFIXED! Cancelled tickets doesn’t restore with Woocommerce setupFIXED! hyphen not working in price field of WoocommerceFIXED! Woocommerce payment proceeding without validating fieldsFIXED! Some styling bugsv2.2.1 – 7 July, 2018FIXED! An issue with VC shortcodes not getting activated properlyv2.2 – 06 July, 2018NEW! WPBakery page builder compatibility, 4 shortcodes added for the page builderFIXED! Eventers folder with custom template not working from child themeFIXED! Event name not showing in ticket for some usersFIXED! Badge not saving while creating eventsFIXED! eventer-overflow-hidden class was adding by default causing webpage not scrollableFIXED! Save event options not working for some usersFIXED! Some styling bugsv2.1 – 05 June, 2018FIXED! Tickets not getting generated for several usersFIXED! Event preview on calendar positioningFIXED! Shortcodes for details page not working for some usersFIXED! Some styling bugsv2.0 – 24 May, 2018NEW! Option to set custom permalink for events to redirect event to some specific URLNEW! Event preview option for events calendarNEW! Option to show events venue name in the list view in place of full addressNEW! Option to disabled event post type archive template so you can create a page with same slug as your events slugUPDATED! Some functions and file locationsUPDATED! Few plugin functions to start withe eventer prefix to avoid conflict with some themesFIXED! Styling bug with event status badgeFIXED! Show event featured image in the woo commerce cart instead of productFIXED! Single event ticket delivery when only one person is registeredFIXED! A bug which sometimes disabled addition of tickets to woo cartFIXED! Cart messages while using for event ticketingFIXED! Child terms not working while adding only parent term for shortcodesFIXED! Booking doesn’t get deleted for some casesFIXED! Plugin’s payment options not showing under settings for some usersFIXED! Full day event not showing on events calendarv1.9 – 03 May, 2018NEW! Event registration through woo commerce now show records in Eventer plugin Bookings tabNEW! Admin can send tickets from booking records manually and can also download tickets from thereNEW! Now multi date events show both start end date in list viewNEW! Unlimited ticket types for woo commerce event registrationFIXED! Some bug related to woo commerce event registrationv1.8.1 – 20 April, 2018UPDATED! Woocommerce tickets to set all tickets as virtual product to avoid shipping costsFIXED! Date wise price not working for Woocommerce ticketsFIXED! Currency symbol not correct for Woo ticketsFIXED! Event content now showing when using plugin layout for Woocommerce ticketsFIXED! UI date picker conflict with some themes FIXED! Some styling bugsv1.8 – 17 April, 2018NEW! Woocommerce cart and checkout can now use the plugin’ own checkout UI in the popup modalNEW! Date wise booking records for Woocommerce ticketsNEW! Now sell additional services along with tickets using Woocommerce payment systemFIXED! Some minor bugs and styling issuesv1.7 – 07 April, 2018NEW! Now users can see venue and organizer details while selecting it within the add new eventNEW! Download tickets option when admin set the payments to be autocomplete by defaultNEW! Custom cart URL for woo commerce paymentsNEW! Filters and services dropdown to auto close nowFIXED! some themes shows multiple events element to details pageFIXED! Woocommerce sale price doesn’t show correctlyFIXED! Organizer website link doesn’t work correct for some usersFIXED! Woocommerce tickets are not getting attached to email when same name tickets are users for some other eventv1.6 – 26 March, 2018NEW! Now single-venter.php is not a mandatory template for your themeNEW! Event single page shortcodes for event dataFIXED! A bug with some selected eventsFIXED! Some javascript bugsFIXED! Some styling bugsFIXED! A bug with excerpt with share event linksv1.5.4 – 14 March, 2018FIXED! Compatibility issue with some plugin using the same venue fields functionFIXED! Eventer woo commerce add to cart function not updating woo minicart UPDATED! .pot file to add new text stringsv1.5.3 – 12 March, 2018UPDATED! Additional services UI to allow users to deselect any selected service in the cartFIXED! Save event options not working on some environmentFIXED! Some styling bugsFIXED! Problem with sending attached tickets in multi site WordPress installFIXED! A bug with venue image when updating any venueFIXED! Calendar page not filtering events with multiple selected termsFIXED! A bug with json data in shortcodes.phpFIXED! Individual registrants fields not working correct when multiple ticket choices are presentFIXED! Passed badge not working correctlyFIXED! Event archive not working properlyv1.5.2 – 04 March, 2018FIXED! Styling bug with new passed label badge featureUPDATED! Plugin documentationv1.5.1 – 02 March, 2018NEW! Option to send ticket as attachment in user email using woo commerce paymentsNEW! Option to show “Passed” label on the events that are passed on dateNEW! Option to set custom label like “Upcoming”, “New” etc on each event on different datesFIXED! Some styling bugsv1.5 – 22 February, 2018NEW! Individual fields for name and email of every registrants when registering multiple tickets at a timeNEW! Option to send tickets as attachment to user’s emailNEW! Option to select currency symbol position for price fieldNEW! Now registration for events is possible without creating ticket types. This can be used as RSVPNEW! Address and map coordinates field for event venue taxonomyNEW! Now tickets can be sent with QR codes in the emailIMPROVED! Single event page layoutFIXED! Bug with event available and event quantity in event bookingsFIXED! Passed event message for woo commerce ticket bookingFIXED! eventer.php template not working from child themeFIXED! Woocommerce tickets language is not set when using WPMLFIXED! Some missing static text stringsFIXED! Some styling bugsFIXED! If registration is off for an event then event details box should be full widthFIXED! Google events not showing when there is no event from the WPv1.4.1 – 26 January, 2018UPDATED! Some hooks for plugin stabilityFIXED! Console error for live functionFIXED! Datepicker library to load only if requiredFIXED! Next arrow in events filter not showing for certain casesFIXED! Name not showing for event in woo commerceFIXED! Translation bug with woo commerce ticketsFIXED! Events import function not saving event dates in correct formatFIXED! Some styling bugsFIXED! Event ticket from website not working correctlyFIXED! Some styling bugsv1.4 – 16 January, 2018NEW! Additional services payment for eventsNEW! Load events by date range in list viewNEW! Option to restrict event registrations for one time for any ticket typeNEW! Ticket send in email for woo commerce payments for eventsNEW! Email template for tickets(Available here:! Some styling bugsFIXED! Some theme compatibility bugsFIXED! Repeated emails sending on the view ticket URL page refreshFIXED! Ticket URL were sent for offline payments, now it will be sent only when the payments status is changed to “Success” IMPROVED! Loading speedIMPROVED! Bookings list to sort by latest datev1.3 – 15 December, 2017NEW! Woocommerce payments for eventsNEW! Option to add “Today” button in events view option for list filtersNEW! Option to define image size for single event pageFIXED! Some styling bugsv1.2 – 03 December, 2017NEW! Option to repeat events every 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks etc.NEW! Loading animation on events calendarIMPROVED! Some stylingFIXED! Some styling bugsFIXED! Tooltip title on future events link was wrong on single events pageFIXED! Saving a recurring event to ical and other calendars were saving wrong datesFIXED! Old price styling not workingv1.1 – 28 November, 2017FIXED! Multiple event countdown shortcode on a single page not working correctlyv1.0 – 22 November, 2017Initial Release

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