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CSS3 Tooltips Pack

CSS3 Tooltips Pack

Latest Version: 03.03.2013 – v1.1. Check the changelog

CSS3 Tooltips Pack is a pack of pure CSS3 Tooltips that comes loaded with tons of options like 6 different tooltips positions, tooltips with headers, tooltips with notification icons, tooltips on form fields (onHover and onFocus), adjustable tooltips delay, support for images and movies. Tooltips comes with 50 predefined color skins.


  • Pure CSS + HTML,
  • 6 Tooltips Positions,
  • 50 Predefined Color Skins,
  • Tooltips With Headers,
  • Tooltips With Notification Icons,
  • Tooltips On Form Fields,
  • OnHover / OnFocus Tooltips,
  • CSS3 Animation,
  • Adjustable Tooltip Delay,
  • Support For Images And Movies,
  • Multiple Tooltips On Single Page,
  • Constant Distance From Elements,
  • Super Easy Implementation,
  • Documentation With Examples.

Browser Support

  • Firefox 4 and Above – Full Support
  • Firefox 3 – No Support For Animations and Delay
  • Opera 11 and Above – Full Support
  • Safari 5 and Above – Full Support
  • Chrome – Full Support
  • IE10 and Above – Full Support
  • IE9 – No Support For Gradients
  • IE8 – No Support For Gradients, Rounded Corners, Transparency, Shadows, Animations, Delay and Movies
  • IE7 – Same as IE8 Plus No Support For Tooltip Arrows, Tooltips On Focus and Notification Icons

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What Others Are Saying

Very impressive screen cast very tempted, it’s the intuitive form tool tips that have me intrigued.
Worked like charm for what I needed – nice work.
5 stars, exactly what I needed for my testimonial custom post type, check it out on the home page of my site:
Truely brilliant, thank you!


  • Home Icons by Everaldo Coelho – LGPL,
  • Sample image A DRIP FROM THE WELLS OF WEARY By Neal[email protected]/4601786466/,
  • Sample image Fairy Dust By Neal[email protected]/3369884619/,
  • Sample image LOOK AT ME WITH STARRY EYES PUSH ME UP THE STARRY SKIES By Neal[email protected]/4688777136/,
  • Sample image California poppy By mikebaird,
  • Sample image Dandelion By Anderson Mancini,
  • Sample image 30 Days of Gratitude- Day 14 By aussiegall


03.03.2013 – v1.1

  • Bug Fix for Opera tooltip arrow issue.

30.12.2011 – v1.0

  • First Edition Of CSS3 Tooltips Pack.

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