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Cirilla – Multipurpose Flutter App For WordPress & Woocommerce

Cirilla - Multipurpose Flutter App For Wordpress & Woocommerce




Video Demo:

About Cirilla App

Are you looking for a multi-purpose app with rich functions and top code quality where you can design your own template layouts or want to import pre-built demo layout templates directly into your app and can change design anytime you want? An app where you can create many different app types such as: single shop woocommerce app, food app, radio and podcast, Cosmetic shop, grocery shop, beauty app, news & magazine and many other type apps?

Then we introduce you with our multi-purpose Cirilla app where you are your own boss. We have spent more than 4000 hours developing, designing and planing so you can configure your app and publish it in very short time. Cirilla is for people with zero coding, developers and agencies who wants to save time and money by providing their clients with top quality apps. Cirilla gives you more power and control over your app and it comes with an App Builder plugin where you design and change your app designs without needing to re-publish to app stores.

– Work latest Flutter v2.10.2
– Version 2.6.1 – Update 01 mar 2022 – Changelog
– This is Exclusive Product License from Envato
– DEDICATED plugin App builder
– DEDICATED plugin Push notification
– Full Flutter source code, life time download and update.

– The plugin App builder required installation. To active app builder, you need use your purchase code and register license code in our system.

– The Notification is optional. But it is very useful for you to send notification for marketing, or trigger notification when order status changes …

– What is a build cloud service? Instead of downloading and setting up the Flutter environment on your computer to build the app, You can build directly from the web. In this service, we will change the fee and not include it when buying the item.

App Builder templates

Instead create a new template we pre make some templates for the user to import and edit, it saves many times for configuration.

App Builder

App builder works the same popular Page Builder in WordPress but it has a special UI/UX for your easy configuration/previews mobile app.

Create Multi – Purpose App Location Notification Support Post format Vendors widget Detail Multi Vendors Design Post single Create Multiple Custom Screen & Tabs Screen Post Latest widget Post Latest widget Builder Widgets and Couting Theme creative on the fly Category screen Produc List Screen 03+ Refine Layout Style Product Detail Builder Product Detail Sidebar Menu Presets layout Login / Register Screen Contact Screen Multiple Languages Payment Gateways via Webview Support Dark Mode Source Code We don’t collect any data File Included Save 4000 Hours For Agency For Developer For People Zero Coding

Try App Builder

  • user: demo
  • password: demo


  • Chat realtime with store vendor video
  • Dynamic config social link video
  • Write product review with photo video
  • Push notifications video
  • Admob video

Changelog Changelog 1-mar-2022 – – Fixed: Review count, Product name in review screen – Feat: Force login phone number – Fixed: Register email/password without phone number – Fixed: Error in order detail list screen – Chore: Escape HTML tags – Chore: Translate in the order details page Changelog 25-Feb-2022 – – Add: Config Size Banner Adblock – Support: Native payment Stripe, Paypal, Razorpay – Support: Add-ons in bulk field – Upgrade: Flutter 2.10.2 – Add: Custom block in product detail and post detail – Chore: Update Font Awesome – Upgrade: flutter_facebook_auth dependency – Feat: Thumb size, Image size for feature image in product detail – Feat: Resent passcode, keep modal verify if passcode not validate, countdown reset passcode – Chore: Disable chat menu in the profile screen Changelog 14-Feb-2022 – – Chore: Update text in looking location widget – Improved: show group prices and variable prices – Feat: Show related post by tags, categories and post ids – Add: Upsell in product detail – Fixed: Button quantity not working properly – Improved: Login/Register Firebase phone number – Feat: Update AdMob (show AdMob by Gunterbeng block and shortcode, Tag HTML) in post detail – Feat: show AdMob in product description and short description use (Shortcode, Tag HTML) Changelog 09-Feb-2022 – – Added: related post (query by tags) – Feat: Chat real-time with store vendor – Improved: Config social widget and social icon in the profile screen – Feat: [Dokan] – get vendor stores with status active – Fixed: Add product variable in case the inline attribute – Fixed: Category not reflect after changing language on-screen languages in the first time – Fixed: Show vendor sore list widget with grid layout – Improved: translate function – Fixed: Color address when Type Appbar = Floating on Home screen – Improved: Show vendor store categories instead show all categories. – Added: +111 languages translated, download, ovewrite, manage on the web Changelog 25-Jan-2022 – – Feature: Config default, include, exclude for input phone number – Chore: Unescape html in help & info section – Support: Audio in description and sort description product – Add: +1611 free Awesome fonts config in App builder – Support: Digits plugin (+160 Gateway support) – Chore: Update firebase web version – Chore: Update language file – Improved: Tabbar border radius – Fixed: Tabbar not reload data – Remove: awesome_bottom_bar2 folder and use from pub server – Update: Cache google fonts – Add: Docs for custom fonts – Chore: update loading comments post & button size – Feat: update bottom bar and drawer bar – Fixed: get private order notes Changelog 10-Jan-2022 – – Chore: Shimmer review item – Support: Multi-Currency with WooCommerce Payments – Fixed: Click to item notification without action – Feat: Option on/off download, help & info, switch theme, copyright in profile screen – Feat: Select thumb size for product item – Feat: Show photo review (Without plugin, support plugin Photo Reviews for WooCommerce and Customer Reviews for WooCommerce) – Feat: Write product review with photo get from gallary or take photo Write product review with photo on Cirilla app – Changelog 02-Jan-2022 – – Chore: update alignment widget to select box (This used select start, end support direction for RTL) – Fixed: API get balance and transaction (Update new API) – Improvement: Lint all source code, and refactor constants. – Fixed: Call duplicate API on Android – Fixed: Duplicate categories – Improved: Get notifications from the server instead save notifications on devices. – Fixed: Can’t open link on post – Improved: Update loading shimmer order – Chore: Loading overlay on checkout Webview – Upgrade: Facebook dependency (link) Push notification for Mobile and Web app – – Add: Send custom notification – Add: API deleted all notifications – Add: API get notification by user id – Add: API delete notification by user id – Add: API count notification – Add: Update notification status – Improved: UI & UX – Improved: Send message under background Changelog 22-Dec-2021 – Fixed: Duplicate category Changelog 20-Dec-2021 – – Fixed: Load drawable resource on Android – Chore: Translate location screen – Fixed: Gray screen after click to notification on tray bar – Chore: Update launch background first frame – Upgrade: Latest version dependencies and Flutter v2.8.0 – Improved: Ensure restore data before open the app – Improved: Remove device token on the server when user logout – Support: Wallet plugin (Show balance and transaction list) Plugin URL: – Support: AdMob Changelog 10-Dec-2021 – Video Convert to Food App: – Fixed: Double click on input field – Chore: Fix phone input translate and RTL – Fixed: Running Android App – Features: Select location, Saved Location, Seach Location, Nearby Location, Auto complate place, Get current location, Update location, Enable loaction service Changelog 02-Dec-2021 – -Added: Load more related product – Added: History search product – Added: Load more in search result – Added: Widget product recently – Improved: Delay update token – Added: Config param varidator username and password for register field – Fixed: Shipping method by language – Fixed: Launch contact – Fiexd: Token expired – Fixed: Change currency in product variable – Fiexd: Freezes on “App mode” app builder – Improved: Display thumb Youtube video – Feat: Show category name & tag name on screen post list after navigate – Fixed: Open link in sort product description, post – Feat: Load more in category screen – Add: Rate app action – Add: clear all items cart – Add: Translate time in countdown widget – Add: Count in item tabs – Add: 18+ Bottom bar layout and animation – Support: Neaby verdor, store location – Support: Download product – Add: Language screen Changelog 29-September-2021 – Support: Show input qty on product item – Add: Product item cover – Post layout builder – Fixed: get product by id missing param currency – Add: On/Off coupon in cart screen – Fix: Uppercase item category in shop Changelog 27-September-2021 – Add: Config font size category name in widget categories – Add: Config on/off label sale, label new, rating in product list screen and product related. – Fix: Show encode string in search product and search post – Fix: Get group product wrong currency Changelog 23-September-2021 – Fixed: Onboarding did not display – Feature: Support long text field for product add-ons plugin – Fixed: Issue with special characters add-ons plugin – Update: support for XCode 13 Changelog 21-September-2021 – Add: add button social Instagram – Fix: Navigate to page in app – Fix: Cart shipping item null – Fix: get reviews by language – Improved: lising builder and comparison widget – Feat: upgrade MinimumOSVersion – Improved: Product item when product out of stock – Fix: null value in list widget Changelog 07-September-2021 – Fix: Cart screen issue Changelog 06-September-2021 – Fix: Data type return in product – Fix: percent in sale product – Add: Manual config for Locate for some language code – Fix: Press back last step on Android Changelog 05-September-2021 – Improved: Disable “add to cart” button when out of stock – Add: Option enable border image in widget brand – Chore: Update style button in profile screen – Improved: Rehub blocks and WordPress blocks – Fix: show/clear images in product variable Changelog 28-August-2021 – Improved: Product variation (image quality, sale price, percent discount) – Add: Show product add-ons info in cart – Improved: Brand widget, brand search, filter with brand, search brand, UI/UX – Improved: Sync cart and Webview widget in multi-languages sites – Feature: Support Youtube, Vimeo in product (Rehub custom field, YITH WooCommerce Featured Video, Product Video for WooCommerce) Video – Improved: data type in source code – And a lot of improvements and bugs fixed RTL issues. Changelog 18-August-2021 – Upgrade: All source to null safety – Add: Widget brand – Add: Brand block in product detail – Add: Screen brands – Support: Short Text Field Product Add-Ons – Add: Widget tabs – A lot of improvement and bugs fixed Changelog 05-August-2021 – Sync login on Webview widget – Force login add to cart – Enable Product QuickView – Product Quick View builder – Chore: set size cart icon home appbar – Chore: Allow get height screen when set height = 0 on Widget Webview – Support: Product Add-Ons – Fix: Can pop in login screen when force login enabled – feat: Show featured image in product and quick view screen builder – Fix: error data address_billing – Feat: Show tax in cart – Fix: Gradient in empty component – Fix: Product variation not exist image – Chore: html unescape in cart screen, product, category, post – Fix: Force login checkout – Improved: Update Arabic language file Changelog 05-August-2021 – Sync login on Webview widget – Force login add to cart – Enable Product QuickView – Product Quick View builder – Chore: set size cart icon home appbar – Chore: Allow get height screen when set height = 0 on Widget Webview – Support: Product Add-Ons – Fix: Can pop in login screen when force login enabled – feat: Show featured image in product and quick view screen builder – Fix: error data address_billing – Feat: Show tax in cart – Fix: Gradient in empty component – Fix: Product variation not exist image – Chore: html unescape in cart screen, product, category, post – Fix: Force login checkout – Improved: Update Arabic language file Changelog 15-July-2021 – Improvement: Loading padding on home screen – Improvement: Shipping UI on cart screen – Fixed: Checkout loading on multi language site – Improvement: Press back on Android – Fixed: Label sale on product group – Improvement: UI white attribute color – Improvement: Empty screen for product list, post list, notification list, search resutl, order success, cart, wishlist. – Add: 2 product item style – Fix: Disable quantity in product external, disable product type in single product and open link in button bottom add to cart in product external – Fix: Error in order detail – Add: Config image size in product list screen Changelog 8-July-2021 – Improvement: Update billing, shipping address form – Add: Calculator shipping total on cart screen – Feature: show attribute image, color in product detail screen – Feature: change status appbar color – Feature: Config button add to cart on product item – Improvement: Background Modal bottom, Icon color – Fix: Padding item on layout grid on Widget banner – Fix: Navigate after payment success with Paypal – Improvment: Clickabe to category name in product detail screen Changelog 2-July-2021 – Add: Config init country code for input mobile number – Fix: Error styles when the open post screen – Improvement: UI order and order list screen – Fix: Get product attribute by language in product screen(Multilanguage site) – Improvement: Onboarding screen – Add: show image, price in result search product – Improvement: Update config Map, reorder code … Changelog 30-Jun-2021 – Chore: Translate some missing text on-screen login and register – Fix: Query category by language when close then reopen – Fix: Query variation attributes by language – Fix: deep link config and removed change phone number on menu profile Changelog 25-Jun-2021 – Support: Deeplink – Feature: Firebase analytic – Fix: Show banner by language on Item default and Item style 9 – Fix: Wrong language site when user open Webview checkout – Improvement: UI screen notification list – Improvement: Blocks – Support: query by custom post type Changelog 22-Jun-2021 – Improve: Sort vendor list – Fix: Cache image error URL – Fix: Update user profile – Fix: Remove selected category in vendor detail – Fix: Display image block – Fix: Display image gallery block – Fix: Get product by language – Fix: Get category by language – Feature: Multi-language for action – Feature: Rehub Gutenberg – OfferBox block – Feature: Rehub Gutenberg – Review Box block – Feature: Rehub Gutenberg – Comparison table block – Feature: Rehub Gutenberg – Post Offer Listing block – Feature: Rehub Gutenberg – Info box block – Feature: Rehub Gutenberg – Title box block – Feature: Rehub Gutenberg – Double Heading block – Feature: Rehub Gutenberg – Accordion block – Feature: Rehub Gutenberg – Cons Pros block – Feature: Rehub Gutenberg – Post OfferBox block – Feature: Rehub Gutenberg – Review heading block – Feature: Rehub Gutenberg – Itinerary block – Feature: Rehub Gutenberg – Slider block – Feature: Core Gutenberg – Column – Feature: Core Gutenberg – Video – Feature: Core Gutenberg – Audio – Feature: Core Gutenberg – Video youtube – Feature: Widget video – Feature: Widget video youtube – Feature: Widget page blocks – Feature: Widget post blocks – Feature: Config on/off the search in product list – Feature: Firebase Push notification – Feature: Force login config – Feature: Force login checkout config – Feature: OnBoaring screen configs – Improvement: Click to explain button on the sidebar Changelog 9-Jun-2021 – Improvement: Pull to refresh on home screen Android – Improvement: UI/UX Refine and Sort on the product list – Improvement: UI/UX Comment in post detail – Fix: Change language to Arabic – Chore: get translate text for sidebar and bottom tab bar – Chore: config item post in post wishlist – Fix: button add to cart in product item container and emerge – Fix: Swiper Sidebar on RTL layout – Fix: Post Excerpt on post item – Update: Post author on post item timeline – Fix: Checkout logged user – Fix: Update Billing address and Shipping address – Fix: RTL issue on the slideshow, bottom app bar, product detail – Fix: Add to cart in the detail product screen – Add: Config default language – Add: Load fallback language file – Add: Load more in product list widget – Add: Load more in post list widget – Upgrade: Almost dependencies to null safety Changelog 2-Jun-2021 – Improvement: Comment UI/UX and Keyboard overlap – Improvement: Contact form and Keyboard overlap – Add: Config map type template for vendor list – Fix: Get products by vendor Changelog 01-June-2021 – Fix: Type Item = “Carousel” did not show in widget post tab – Fix: Type Item = “Big First” did not show in widget post tab – Fix: Navigate in no active – Fix: Crash disable banner product category screen – Fix: Fix app not open on splash screen with site install Polylang plugin – Fix: Get post by language – Fix: Show message on the modal contact screen – Chore: Show author avatar in post detail – Chore: Remove unused config in widget post tab – Upgrade: Flutter 2.2 (flutter web, Facebook auth dependency) – Add: Config enable hotline in the profile screen – Update: Load more post in the author profile screen – Add: Support launcher and Share action – Add: Support Vendor Changelog 20-May-2021 – Add: Author profile screen – Add: Config label radius – Add: On/Off rating testimonial widget – Fix: Widget HTML – Fix: Empty button in external product – Fix: Click to icon add to cart on the external product item – Fix: Active color in bottom tabs – Improve: Wishlist post – Fix: Loading in the import template – Fix: Crash app when click to select action – Add: Config leading icon color for widget heading – Improve: Increate limit on widget category to 100 – Improve: Center text when setup position left == right – Fix: Header color in the post list screen – Config thumb-size widget categories and Category screen for each template item Changelog 17-May-2021 – Add: Post category tab – Add: Post wishlist tab – Add: Cache network image – Add: Shimmer loading post tab – Add: Padding top, bottom, text & Icon from config in bottom tabs – Add: Login checkout Web view – Add: Config cart icon on product list screen – Improved: App bar color – Fix: Show post detail with content not created by Gutenberg editor – Fix: Navigate product variation from cart Changelog 13-May-2021 – Tweak: Padding in notification empty WishList – Tweak: Font heading description and addition information in product detail – Tweak: Padding tabs in widget – Fix: Address form in profile screen – Tweak: Height divider product detail – Fix: Get image login and register screen – Fix: Get data in tabs – Tweak: Translate title login and register – Fix: action layout post detail curve top and image author post – Tweak: Padding related product detail – Add: Forgot password – Tweak: Remove color when click to tab – Fix: padding horizontal content post detail – Tweak: color divider tab post – Tweak: Action go product list of banner – Fix: duplicate first item in layout big-first products home – Fix: width item product horizontal – Fix: duplicate data product category in product category layout big-first – Tweak: Translate pages profile – Tweak: Text style name post item emerge – Tweak: empty caption in audio block Changelog 9-May-2021 – Fixed: Add to cart with product variation – Fixed: null data product sort description Changelog 8-May-2021 – Fix: dark/light sidebar background image – Fix: show title in help info section with store single language – Improve: Show list language in setting with single store language Changelog 7-May-2021 – Fixed: rating count product review list – Improved: tab to input rating – Add: Widget Icon Box – Improve: Button variation in product detail screen – Improve: Status quantity in product detail screen – Improve: Product variation – Add: Layout post detail – Fixed: Text in widget Heading – Fixed: Icon Button widget – Fixed: Icon back profile screen – Fixed: Default currency with shop single currency – Improve: Convert and Format currency in product widget, product list, product related and cart screen – Improve: UI/UX contact vertical layout – Improve: Form contact – Fixed: Product detail variable button and category text – Fixed: Scroll in modal language and currency – Add: Box fit in widget Banner – Improve: Translate on sidebar v1.0.0 – Initial release

Demo = Cirilla – Multipurpose Flutter App For WordPress & Woocommerce

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