Canvas: Show any content in a fullscreen slide

Canvas: Show any content in a fullscreen slide

Canvas is designed to be a minimal and quick way to add a flyout content area to any WordPress theme. It works on all devices, is super easy to set up and use, and allows you to display any content you need – text, images, videos, forms, shortcodes etc. – in a dedicated, customizable flyout panel.


  • Full screen slideout panel for WordPress
    • Create a sitewide WordPress sliding panel to display any content
    • Smooth and stutter-free animations
    • Unstyled widget location included
    • Customize in real-time using the WordPress Live Customizer
      • Change all colors
      • Slide out from left, right, top or bottom
      • Optionally hide included close button
      • Display activation button below or above slideout panel
      • Optionally disable included icon set (useful when the same icon is already loaded in your installation)
      • Optionally disable site scroll when panel is opened
  • Activation options
    • Activate via customizable buttons
    • choose from two button designs
      • Modern Design
        • Change positioning
        • Customize button text
        • Change font size
        • Apply theme fonts
        • Customize button roundness and border thickness
        • Add background image to button (pattern or full size)
      • Classic ‘Triangle’ Design
        • Change positioning
        • Choose from hundreds of icons
  • Activate via custom element (simple text link, an image, your own button etc.)
  • Deactivate by clicking/tapping the activation button, the close button, or the ESC button
  • Optionally lock body scroll when panel open
  • Clean and well-marked code
  • Thoroughly tried and tested
    • desktop, tablets, smartphones
    • iOS, Android, Windows devices
    • Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera
  • Proven developer with fast and friendly support
  • Lifetime free updates
  • Jargon-free documentation
  • Updates

    Quick update (no version change)- Some JS script and translation string updatesUPDATE 3.0Update 3.0 is a complete relaunch of Canvas with essentially every aspect of the plugin completely rewritten. This allowed us to future-proof it and set the foundation for future updates.- New activation button:— added new customizable button (classic triangle button also available, complete with the latest version of Font Awesome 5)— add custom text— change text size— use theme fonts— add background image (pattern or full size)— customize button roundness & border thickness- Added option to disable the Font Awesome icon set (useful when your installation already loads the icon set from another plugin or theme)Please note: If you’re upgrading from a pre-3.0 version, then as a side effect of refreshing the codebase, you must set up Canvas from scratch. It will only take moments though as customization is now much (much!) quicker thanks to real-time previews. You will find all customization settings under “Appearance → Customize → Canvas Plugin”. Thank you for understanding!

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