BeoNews Pro – React Native mobile app for WordPress

BeoNews Pro - React Native mobile app for Wordpress

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BeoNews is an app that does magic for your website by converting your WordPress website into a mobile true native app with customized contents within a fillip.

What is “customized content”? BeoNews transfers exactly all contents with different formats that you created in WordPress website into your mobile app without any coding skill and development time. To engage with customers on mobile, we need a mobile app. BeoNews maximizes your customers’ experience and usability through UX flow in both Android and iOs.

With BeoNews, your mobile app can take your customers through all multimedia such as video, photo, blog listing, Youtube and Vimeo smoothly. Sometimes, your customers may want to download information offline or to share with friends, BeoNews store your data to Firebase and synchronize across your mobile devices, it’s also support smoothly all both Facebook and Google login.

BeoNews provides you a solution to engage and maintain the relationship with your customers through the true mobile native app that is easy to control and simple to manage.

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What is the scope of supporting?

  • We support and ensure the features work as above product’s describe by using our pre-config website from github
  • For Regular License: we do not support for setting up the Development environment, nor the integration issues, example integrate with existing website and have issues xyz, please refer to our pre-config website from github
  • and the above features index.

Change logs

version 4.2.0 – 21 Aug 20211. Update – compatible React Native 0.64.x2. Update – compatible with Expo 42.x3. Update – fix some incompatibile library.version 4.1.0 – 18 Oct 20201. Update – compatible React Native 0.63.x2. Update – compatible with Expo 39.x3. Update – fix some incompatibile library.version 4.0.0 – 24 Aug 20201. Update – compatible React Native 0.61.x2. Update – compatible with Expo 38.x3. Update – upgrade performance and some major bugs fixesversion 3.0.6 – 28 Nov 20191. Update – fix the scroll to index issues2. Update – minor bug fixesversion 3.0.5 – 04 Nov 20191. Update – latest Expo 0.352. Update – update latest React Native 0.60.4version 3.0.4 – 22 Jul 20191. Update – latest Expo 0.332. Update – replace ListView component by FlatList3. Update – latest package.json library 4. Update – Distribute content issue – Update – minor bug fix and performance improvement v/ersion 3.0.3 – 20 Mar 20191. Fix – minor bug fix the render Columns issues2. Fix – empty image features issues3. Update – build script issue on Androidversion 3.0.2 – 15 Mar 20191. Fix – The RCTFBSDK build issue on Xcode 10.x.2. Fix – Support Android 9 3. Fix – auto remove the require cycle on Expo version version 3.0.0 – 15 Mar 20191. New – Ability to create new Post (account testing: [email protected] / inspireui), required install JWT WordPress plugin – New – Homepage – Add Paging dot to the Banner Slider3. New – Image gallery – can be pinched and Zoomed.4. New – config to support Sub Category the Tab View (update showSubCategoryScreen: true)5. New – Support Android 64 bit6. New – add new option config to require Login (RequiredLogin: true)7. Fix – update Mandatory Layout, and compatible with the PinClone ( Fix – many minor bug fix and performance improvement9. Fix – push notification via OneSignal and fixing on Android config.10. Update – many UX improve on Android OS, also fix landscape issues11. Update – Add config option to include a single category instead of excluding many categories12. Update – latest Expo 0.32, related libraries and to latest react-native 0.58 ( version 2.9.2-b – Jan 20191. New – add config option to enable/disable the sanitize HTML tag on Webview – #1082. New – Add require login option / only allow the user to use the app after the login3. Update – build grade – issues #1714. Update – Replace core Webview by using react-native-webview – #1085. Fix – Addmob issues – #1066. Fix – Facebook Login issues on XCode10 – #1817. Fix – RTL UI issues on some screens8. Update – latest libraries and minor bug fixversion 2.9.0 – 21 Sep 20181. Breaking change and speed up performance 2. ReDesign the Post Detail page 3. Add new Onboarding with Lotties support4. Navigate between pages is now so smoothly 5. Fix slow issues on Androids6. Update Expo SDK 30.0 7. Update React Native 0.57 & some related librariesversion 2.8.6 – 10 Aug 20181. Fixed logins issues due to recent Facebook SDK update.2. Fixed Missing homepage data (go to Home > go to Category > go to Home)3. Fixed Sign up issues4. Fixed Youtube fullscreen on Android5. Update build script by using latest expo-cli6. Update to latest libraries (React Native & some related libraries)version 2.8.5 – 31 May 20181. Fix video issue on post detail & upgrade animate2. Add sanitize-html to fix crashing issue3. Fix limit post on the categories page4. Fix Admod component issues5. Update to latest librariesversion 2.8.4 – 22 May 20181. Update RN to the latest version and react-navigation 2.0.22. Fix Flash screen on Android3. Fix youtube width issues4. Fix hidden menu, replaced by an overlay (as the issue could not be fixed IMPORTANT: improve performance and refactor stateless and pure components.

Detail previous change log:

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