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Antiqueruby React Native Material Design UI Components

Antiqueruby React Native Material Design UI Components

Antiqueruby React Native Material Design UI Components is every app developer’s dream. That’s because the app template, which is attractive and is designed to save developers hours of work by providing them with stylish and clever UI and UX components to customise their apps.

Created using Material Design and offering over 140+ screens for profiles, sign-ins and sign-ups, social media, navigation, and for much more..!

It’s no wonder that React Native Material Design UI Components has become one of CodeCanyon’s bestsellers.

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  • Ecommerce Ready Screens
  • Music Ready Screens
  • Navigation Drawers
  • Profiles
  • SignUp
  • SignIn
  • Social
  • Walkthrough
  • AdMob
  • RTL Compatible

What you get in package

  • Source Code in React Native
  • Project Documentation


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V4.1- Bug FixingV4.0- Update React native version- Replace Deprecated packages.V3.0- Update RN 0.59 to 0.63V2.14- Bug FixingV2.13- Update 64bit CodeV2.12- Added UI for News App Screens- Added UI for Food Recipe App ScreensV2.11- Added UI for Crypto App ScreensV2.10- Added UI for Hotel App ScreensV2.9- Added UI for Vehicle App ScreensV2.8.1- Added missing files on previous package.V2.8- Added UI for Food App ScreensV2.7- Added UI for Travel App ScreensV2.6- Added UI for Dating App ScreensV2.5- Added WooCommerce ImplementationV2.4.1- Updated required React Native latest packages.V2.4- WordPress Blog Integration- Social 21 screen updatedV2.3- Added screens design for Music V2.2- Added screens design for eCommerce V2.1- Upgraded React Native to latest version.- Some UI issues Fixed (like Crashes on Button Click and others).- Fixed IOS & Android Reactotron library Issues.- Fixed Android build time issues.V2.0- New UI for Google AdMob (Banner, Interstitial and Rewarded)- New UI for RTL (RTL Compatible)V1.0- Initial Release

Demo = Antiqueruby React Native Material Design UI Components

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